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Jo Ann Pilarski asked for two more Commission Board meetings. She was denied
It is unclear whom gave the denial. Can you clarify?
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> National Federation of the Blind of Michigan Thursday board meeting 
> minutes February 3, 2011 , 8:30 P.M
I though the Board had the power to set policy. Who overruled that?
> Quorum Larry Posont, Marcus Simmons, Dave Robinson, Terri Wilcox, Mary 
> Wurtzel, Donna Posont, Melinda Latham, Mike Powell.
> Secretary's Report. Donna Posont moved to adopt the Secretary's Report. 
> Mary Wurtzel seconded the report. The Secretary's Report was
> approved.
> Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. No amounts were available, but the 
> account is being transferred to the current Treasurer's name.
> Terri Wilcox moved adoption. Dave Robinson seconded the Treasure's Report. 
> It was approved.
> Introduction of participating Members
> President's Report, Larry Posont. Larry Posont has a tentative meeting 
> with Leader Dog on March 2. An internship with Michigan
> Commission for the Blind may be available with Leader Dog.
> Washington Seminar/Youth Event, J.J. Meddaugh and Melinda Latham. Blind 
> driver challenge drove around boxes and passed a van. The
> education issue looks like it was received with the most favorability. The 
> other two issues are Social Security and a Technology
> Bill of Rights. Eight youth and 3 mentors went to Washington Seminar. The 
> new youth outreach slogan is Vip, Now that's how we roll.
> The Quarterly Board Meeting, February 12, 2011 will be held in Lansing. 
> Some agenda items are in. It is at Guyer Park Community
> Center.
> The street address needs to be put on the email list.
> Summer Transportation to National Convention 2011. Chapter Presidents need 
> to get commitments from members who want to ride the bus
> by the February 12 Board Meeting. Get reservations in now because this is 
> supposed to  be the largest convention ever. The contract
> for the bus has been increased to $8000. The price per person to ride the 
> bus is $150.
> There was a long discussion concerning Camp Tuhsmeheta. We will have a 
> meeting concerning Camp Tuhsmeheta in the morning of the
> seventeenth or twenty fourth. Participation is welcome from all those with 
> an interest in Camp Tuhsmeheta, including, the
> legislature as well as National Federation of the Blind, American Council 
> of the Blind, and Michigan Parents of the Blind and
> Visually Impaired. The Rfp was denied. We have a $20,000 grant to run some 
> programs at Camp Tuhsmeheta. Last summer we s ran
> Braille, Science, and Culinary camps. Morning is where do we take Camp 
> Tuhsmeheta's future. The afternoon is how do we turn these
> plans into concrete action? Send ideas to Fred Wurtzel. We may have to 
> work legislatively. The date will be put on the list serve
> when it is determined.
> Ad Hoc Committee Meeting of January 26. The Committee will meet monthly. 
> There was a vendors meeting that the agency did not attend.
> The committee passed grievances against the agency. They asked help from 
> the National Federation of the Blind for legal matters.
> Commission Meeting Discussion. Jo Ann Pilarski asked for two more 
> Commission Board meetings. She was denied.
> There was a long discussion about the future of Deleg.
> Job Seminar March 12, at the Ann Arbor Main Branch Library, Terri Wilcox. 
> The Commission may pay for lunch and bring a speaker.
> New Business: There was a long discussion concerning a lack of 
> accessibility and cooperation at Lansing Community College.
> Please Send Agenda Items for the February 12 Board Meeting.
> Adjourn at 9-53. Mike Powell made a motion to adjourn. Terri Wilcox 
> seconded the motion. It was adopted.
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