[nfbmi-talk] Corrected Board Meeting Minutes for February 3, 2011

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Thu Feb 10 23:45:24 UTC 2011

National Federation of the Blind of Michigan Thursday board meeting minutes February 3, 2011 , 8:30 P.M

Quorum Larry Posont, Marcus Simmons, Dave Robinson, Terri Wilcox, Matt McCubbin, Mary Wurtzel, Donna Posont, Melinda Latham, Mike 

Secretary's Report. Donna Posont moved to adopt the Secretary's Report. Mary Wurtzel seconded the report. The Secretary's Report was

Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. No amounts were available, but the account is being transferred to the current Treasurer's name.

Terri Wilcox moved adoption. Dave Robinson seconded the Treasure's Report. It was approved.

Introduction of participating Members

President's Report, Larry Posont. Larry Posont has a tentative meeting with Leader Dog on March 2. An internship with Michigan
Commission for the Blind may be available with Leader Dog.

Washington Seminar/Youth Event, J.J. Meddaugh and Melinda Latham. Blind driver challenge drove around boxes and passed a van. The
education issue looks like it was received with the most favorability. The other two issues involve employment opportunities and a 
Bill of Rights. Eight youth and 3 mentors went to Washington Seminar. The new youth outreach slogan is Vip, Now that's how we roll.

The Quarterly Board Meeting, February 12, 2011 will be held in Lansing. Some agenda items are in. It is at Guyer Park Community

 The street address needs to be put on the email list.

Summer Transportation to National Convention 2011. Chapter Presidents need to get commitments from members who want to ride the bus
by the February 12 Board Meeting. Get reservations in now because this is supposed to  be the largest convention ever. The contract
for the bus has been increased to $8000. The price per person to ride the bus is $150.

There was a long discussion concerning Camp Tuhsmeheta. We will have a meeting concerning Camp Tuhsmeheta in the morning of the
seventeenth or twenty fourth. Participation is welcome from all those with an interest in Camp Tuhsmeheta, including, the
legislature as well as National Federation of the Blind, American Council of the Blind, and Michigan Parents of the Blind and
Visually Impaired. The Rfp was denied. We have a $20,000 grant to run some programs at Camp Tuhsmeheta. Last summer we s ran
Braille, Science, and Culinary camps. Morning is where do we take Camp Tuhsmeheta's future. The afternoon is how do we turn these
plans into concrete action? Send ideas to Fred Wurtzel. We may have to work legislatively. The date will be put on the list serve
when it is determined.

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting of January 26. The Committee will meet monthly. There was a vendors meeting that the agency did not attend.
The committee passed grievances against the agency. They asked help from the National Federation of the Blind for legal matters.

Commission Meeting Discussion. Jo Ann Pilarski asked for two more Commission Board meetings. She was denied.

There was a long discussion about the future of Deleg.

Job Seminar March 12, at the Ann Arbor Main Branch Library, Terri Wilcox. The Commission may pay for lunch and bring a speaker.

New Business: There was a long discussion concerning a lack of accessibility and cooperation at Lansing Community College.

Please Send Agenda Items for the February 12 Board Meeting.

Adjourn at 9-53. Mike Powell made a motion to adjourn. Terri Wilcox seconded the motion. It was adopted.

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