[nfbmi-talk] Considerations When Emailing List

Kim Mohnke kitties_kimmy at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 02:14:42 UTC 2011

Hello List,
I have a comment and concern for the usage of this list.  I understand everyone has the right to post issues, topics and discussions related to blind and visually impaired individuals in Michigan.  What I would like to see stopped is the one comment remarks back and forth between two or three people.  If you wish to communicate to each other may you consider doing this off list.  Some of the small conversations are important, however, it seems that more and more of these emails are directed to just one person.  If your comments are just to one person, please for the sake of the traffic on this list, just email that person.  
May you think through before hitting the send button.  If it is something you want to share with the whole group, post it on the list serve.  If you are directing your comments and questions to one or two individuals, email them privately.  
As well, if you want to put a link in an email could you please give a brief explanation of the link in the message of your email?  That would be helpful so I can make a decision to click on it or not.  I am more bound to click on a link if I understand where it takes me to than if in the email is just the link.  
Thank you for these considerations.  
God Bless,
Kimberly Mohnke 
NFB Lansing Chapter Vice-President 


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