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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
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Hi I got a question 44 any of you mary's fred or you know whoever. I got a question. I'm going to. In February, I'm gonna be. I mean, excuse me, late January, I'm gonna. I'm gonna pay my $2 for a membership to be a member at large. And I was wondering. What is the number so I can so I can listen to what's going on. Someone and I also need to know what is the date that I have to. You know that I have to listen to what's being voted on or something like that. To the list. If someone could please e-mail me that information, I would appreciate it. And I can. and I can, you know, and I can, you know, call in once a month and listen to what has been voted on, or what has been discussed. Then I can express my opinion on the list, you know, of what I think about it, and stuff like that. 'Cause I wanna be a part of discussions, you know. I mean, that what the (NFP?) is about, is to. help others to be independent and to strive for independence. And you know, I wanna be a part of things, you know, on this list. And I know you guys want me to do so. And. and I try to strive for believing in and equal opportunity

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