[nfbmi-talk] book

gkitchen ghkitchen at comcast.net
Sun Jan 2 18:24:33 CST 2011

Hi all,

Thanks  Fred for all your posts. I do not know  how I missed them. I did not get the mini guide. Tonya was asking about it.

I am still hopeful that Mark Twain's autobiography will soon be  in a format that is accessible with the Stream.

I wanted to get an audible.com book. I got part way through the sign up  process and found where you download the software for the stream. It asked for the operating system and that is where I wasn't sure what to enter.

Please advise.

Happy New Year to All. Thanks for all that News Joe also, it is  unfortunate that most of it is bad. Maybe I  mentioned this before but I got the NY times Large Type weekly in hard copy braille. I read all but a few pages of the last issue.  The reading isn't too  difficult.  I really like the magazine but it does not substitute for all the reading I did on Newsline. 

Take care,

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