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NFB-Newsline of Michigan

For information and Help call: (517) 338-4064


Individuals living in Michigan with visual disabilities, blindness and those with physical disabilities, who are unable to read conventional newspapers, can now access free, over 280   newspapers and several magazines whenever they want to by using a toll-free number or a local number from anywhere in the country.


NFB-NEWSLINE is sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan in partnership with the Michigan Commission for the Blind and through donations from service clubs, foundations, and individuals.


With this free service and your touch-tone phone, you can read the news whenever you want.


To read, you simply dial a toll free number or a local number of NFB-NEWSLINE, push in your two access codes only once on that telephone, and listen to the announcements to pick the newspaper, the section and the articles you wish to read. You can control the speed, repeat what you have read and select other control options, as well. The information is read to you by a very clear computerized voice.

Many subscribers to NFB-NEWSLINE find that using a speakerphone adds to their listening enjoyment.


Alternatively, those who have access to a accessible computer can read NFB-Newsline online or download to a listening device.


Choose one of the following ways to sign up for NFB-NEWSLINe:

You may call 1-866-504-7300 to request an application (if you do not hav one)  and send it to the address in Baltimore, Maryland that is shown on the application or if you already are a patron of the Michigan Commission for the Blind Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, you can sign up for NFB-NEWSLINE by calling them toll-free at 1-800-992-9012.


Lastly, you may sign up online at www.nfbnewsline.org.

When you sign up, we will verify eligibility, get your two codes assigned, and send you a letter with the local number (when available) along with a National toll-free NFB-NEWSLINE phone number,   and a few tips on using NFB-NEWSLINE. For help call 1-517-338-4064.


Persons wishing to help us to continue to offer NFBNewsline  in Michigan may send their tax-deductible contribution to the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan, 1197 Princeton, Berkley, Michigan 48072. Please write the word, NFB-NEWSLINE in the memo section of your check.


Should you want to donate to other programs of the National Federation of the blind of Michigan, please put the word "Other" in the memo section of your check. 

Those interested in the programs of NFB of Michigan may contact Larry Posont, President,  20812 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn, Michigan 48127, Phone: 1-313-271-3058 or visit online at www.nfbmi.org



For questions and help with Newsline, contact Georgia Kitchen, Volunteer Coordinator  at (517) 338-4064. 



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