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>From our blind writers comes this somewhat whimsical and fun to read recipe.
Here is a way to make rather straight and flat information put on a little
flair.  I enjoyed reading it and hope you do to.

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Buttery Chicken fried rice
by Phil Vlasak
Chicken fried rice is one of the dishes you can find in almost every
Asian restaurant. It looks like a normal fried rice with small diced pieces 
of chicken, soy
sauce, minced celery, peas, carrots, and most important, white rice. It is
flavorful  and delicious and is nice to serve with almost anything, but it 
is time consuming to make.

One man has attempted to do a variation that I wish to talk about.
The version is stripped down to its basics which enhances its good parts 
while eliminating anything un-necessary.

Most recipes now list the ingredients and while boring, it probably makes it

easier to collect all the parts before mixing them together.
1/2 tablespoon  of garlic ginger sauce,
6 pats butter
1 cup of frozen peas, cooked
1/4 fresh onion, minced, or fried onion pieces.
1/2  cup of slivered roasted almonds,
1/2 pounds of fried, cubed chicken meat,
3 cups of cooked white rice,

Starting with the chicken. People used to buy a live chicken and have it 
butchered, plucked and roasted.
Our chef cuts down the time  of preparation by purchasing a nice box of 
crispy fried chicken from his local supermarket.
To make it simple, he  gets a complete fried chicken in a box, divided into 
eight pieces so there is enough for four servings.
If cooked properly, It should be so juicy you could pick the meat off the 
bones with your fingers.
He suggests eating the two breasts and two legs for lunch which would take 
care of the first two servings. For this recipe, the chicken should cool so 
they could be
de-boned easier.
After washing his hands, the chef uses the remaining two wings and two 
thighs, pealing off the crisp skin and digging his fingers under the 
dripping chicken  meat, separating it from the bones. He makes sure the 
pieces of meat do not have any small bones which is the most challenging 
dealing with the wings. He tares the chicken pieces until they are small but

not too small, creating pieces about the size of a dice or one half inch 
If in a hurry he suggests using chicken fingers for the hell of it.

The chef starts by mixing one cup of water and one cup of minute rice  in a 
six cup dish, then microwaving it for four minutes on high.
While cooking the rice, he minces the onion into fine pieces.
If he is  in a rush he just uses fried onion pieces.
Next, he cooks the frozen pees for three minutes in the microwave on high.
When done, he layers the chicken, onion and pees on the bed of rice.
Then he sprinkles the slivered almonds on top and spreads the six teaspoons 
of butter over the top of the dish.
And finally he flows the garlic ginger sauce over the almonds.

The chef cooks the mixture in the microwave on high for three minutes or 
until he hears it sizzling.

The dish serves about one Chubby Wubby Tub Tub , or two average adults, or 
four snotty kids, or eight fashion models, or sixteen Anorexias.

There will be thunderous cheering as the tender and juicy chicken dinner is 
poured into the
plates. When eating the Buttery Chicken fried rice dish, the succulent blend

of flavors  will
likely continue in the mouth for an hour. It will be literally like  eating 
food fit for the gods. It will be a joyous experience to be eating this dish

with loved ones and friends. The food will be so good it will make all run 
into the ocean singing happy songs. Everyone making this dish  will all 
dance and sing and happy music will continue into the night.

After spending years of preparing  and eating it, each  time he makes the 
dish it still brings him joy.

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