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Our 2011 print/braille Valentine plays with words and sounds - and it's a
decoding game, too!

Start by identifying the two colorful images on the front - above each image
is its name in braille, which you can decode using the chart on the back
side. When you say them together out loud, you'll "get" the silly Valentine
message. It works whether you are a print reader or a braille scholar.

Large Packs: 32 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $14
Small Packs: 20 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $10

Our other Valentine cards are also still available!
Note: All Valentines will ship FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND until February 1;
after that date we will send via priority mail and charge you for the
postage cost.

Check out our Valentine Gift Ideas at:

To order any books, send payment to:
NBP, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302
Or call and charge it: toll-free (800) 548-7323 or (617) 266-6160 ext 520.
Or order any of our books online at
http://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/publications/index.html .

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