[nfbmi-talk] >> This is Nick Wilcox, your List Moderator. I was hoping that this

nickwilcox_2000 at msn.com nickwilcox_2000 at msn.com
Thu Jan 13 14:27:34 CST 2011

>> This is Nick Wilcox, your List Moderator.  I was hoping that this 
>> conflict
>> would resolve itself, but since it has not here is
>> what I have to say:
>> The purpose of this list serve is to communicate information that is
>> relevant to blindness.  Recent requests for a certain member to
>> discontinue
>> posting
>> information relating to the Commission for the Blind are out of bounds,
>> and
>> would result in stifling open communication among all blind people in
>> Michigan.  The only exceptions were the postings that involved the use of
>> inappropriate language and/or name calling. We do not permit the use of
>> profanity or name calling on this list.
>> In the future, I am asking that you please e-mail me with any concerns
>> about
>> the content on this list, rather than posting them for everyone to read.
>> Anyone who does not want to read a particular message has two
>> choices. After reading the subject to determine the content of a message,
>> that particular message can just be deleted. If you wish to delete all
>> messages from a particular sender so that they do not show in your inbox,
>> every email program has a block senders option, or some equivalent. 
>> Please
>> contact me at
>> nickwilcox_2000 at msn.com
>> and I can walk you through the procedure of
>> blocking messages.
>> Thank you.

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