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National Federation of the Blind of Michigan Thursday night board meeting

Agenda, January 20 2011 8:30 P.M

Call 605-475-4333 902855 pound .


Secretary's Report.

Has been already sent out and is included at the bottom of this agenda.

Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel.

Introduction of participating Members

President's Report. Larry Posont.

Letter from Dr. Maurer concerning the $500 donation from bequest

Washington Seminar, J.J. Meddaugh

Newsline Georgia Kitchen

Summer 2011 National Convention Transportation

 Quarterly Board Meeting February 12, 2011. Lansing.

Nature's Finest Bounty Report

Web Page

Monitoring Report?

New Business

Old Business


 Minutes, January 6, 2011, 8:30 P.M.

Quorum yes Larry Posont, Michael Powell, Terri Wilcox, Marcus Simmons, Dave Robinson, Matt McCubbin, Mary Wurtzel, Melinda Latham, 
Donna Posont.

Secretary's Report. Terri Wilcox. The Secretary's Report was approved. Marcus Simmons moved to adopt the report as emailed. The 
motion was seconded by Dave Robinson.

Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. The Youth Outreach account has $1350.88. The affiliate account has $2924.71. The Newsline account 
has $1,348.75. Dave Robinson moved adoption of the Treasurer's Report. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The Treasurer's report was 
approved. The Solicitation License needs 990's for the  years 2004 through 2007.

President's Report. Larry Posont. We may get Discovery by the middle of the month. There was a discussion about the law suit.

Washington Seminar, J.J. Meddaugh. We retain the motion to have a female room for Michigan Affiliate Members. Dave Robinson made the 
motion. It was seconded by Mary Wurtzel. The motion was approved. It was understood that if there is extra space in the female room, 
individuals who are not a part of our Michigan affiliate but wish to stay in the room, must pay part of the cost of the room.

Mary Wurtzel will be in the women's room.

Student Division, Elizabeth Mohnke. The student division wants to have a board meeting before Washington Seminar. It is desirable to 
reestablish National Federation of the Blind of Michigan Scholarships. Matt McCubbin might have a copy of the student constitution 
that is needed.

Training of Staff. Jo Ann Pilarski recommended to Pat Cannon that the training committee be kept small.

Summer 2011 National Convention Transportation. This will be discussed further at the February 12 Quarterly Board Meeting.

 Quarterly Board Meeting February 12,

2011, Lansing. The meeting will be held either at The Guyer Community Center or at Fred and Mary Wurtzel's church. It will commence 
at 11 A.M. and end at 4 P.M. with lunch at 12:30.

Potential Commission Board Meeting, January. There might be a meeting on the 21st or 29th on Business Enterprise Issues. We may need 
a position paper on the detrimental aspects of these proposed motions.

Nature's Finest Bounty Report. Some coffee is being sold. A Nature's Finest Bounty public relations person is needed. Dave Robinson 
will help.

Monitoring Report? Find out what the agency is doing to comply with the Monitoring Report. A letter will be written outlining our 
concerns about the Commission's lack of compliance.

New Business: The legislative committee is eager to work on Newsline. The legislative Committee is planning a conference call. The 
Membership Committee planned to have a conference call.

Opportunities Unlimited for the Blind did not get the Rfp for Camp Tuhsmeheta. Larry Posont proposes a meeting concerning Camp 
Tuhsmeheta for everyone who is interested in camp programming for Summer 2011. The Nfb is the only group with the interest and 
knowledge to save and run Camp Tuhsmeheta. The blind need control of the Camp. The Nfb makes a motion that we ask for accountability 
for where all funds and the trust are being allocated. Marcus Simmons moves adoption and Mary Wurtzel seconded the motion. The 
motion is approved

A motion that National Federation of the Blind of Michigan call and host a meeting to keep Camp Tuhsmeheta for the blind. The motion 
is approved. Marcus Simmons calls for adoption and Mary Wurtzel seconds the motion. The motion is approved.

People are being called to let them know of the return of Newsline. A Press release was issued concerning Newsline. The 
announcements section is very old. We need people to help with announcements for Newsline. Mike Powell will help.

Send Chapter Election results to Peter Zaremba.

Old Business: Melinda Latham states that seven youth are going to Washington Seminar. Youth will attend appoints. Youth are giving 
influence about what they want to do while in Washington. We intend to work on restarting the parent's division.

There is concern expressed about emails criticizing the Commission for the Blind. The digest mode makes emails more compact. We are 
required to carry out our state and National resolutions. Resolutions need to go out on the list serve.

Adjourn at 10-08.

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