[nfbmi-talk] Fw: Draft Agenda for Wednesday's meeting.

Joe Sontag suncat0 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 13:56:34 CST 2011

While it is true that I am not currently running a location in the BEP, I was named to the ad hoc committee and did not resign from 
it.  The information posted today is the first sign of activity related to the ad hoc to reach me in many months.  Have I been 
removed by force during a secret meeting?  Just asking, you know.

By the way, it's interesting that this material goes out with the Program Manager's name on it instead of that of the Committee 
chairperson.  Is there any question who's really driving the agenda?

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> Subject: Draft Agenda for Wednesday's meeting.
> Hey all Ad-hoc committee members,
> This is a draft agenda for Wednesday's meeting. From the looks of the
> email I received from James Hull, there might be a revised version as
> well, but for now, this is a draft.
> Kind regards, Jennifer Doroh.


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