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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Wed Jan 26 07:24:30 CST 2011

I guess to a person like me who is used to taking the bus it almost seems scary because oh my gosh, I've got to pay for a car insurance, gas, so on and so forth. It's going to be scary but it's going to be exciting. Chances are come on, I won't see it my life time. I'm 35, let's get real folks and surprisingly nobody is thinking of these things. It's kind of scary. You know, it's kind of makes me wonder why, why isn't anyone thinking of these things. I mean people thing ah, well you know, people don't believe it. Well, it's not that they don't, it just that it so sad, they thinks, these guys are jumping their gun and kind of like, I do to 'cause you guys aren't thinking about these things that needs to be costly and you really not thinking of that, you know. And I'm just trying to get you guys to the point of think, you know who's going to pay for these. You know, yeah, you can demonstrate all you want then what? You know, they're you go. I mean I'm not trying to sound rude but hey think about it for a minute folks. It's called reality.

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