[nfbmi-talk] An interesting idea and an odd request.

Kevin Reeves lists at kevinreeves.net
Wed Aug 1 16:00:08 UTC 2012

Hey folks. I wanted to bounce something off you guys and see if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction.

I've got this idea for a youtube channel where I film a video once every 2 weeks or so of me reading an excerpt from a book by an independent author. The books would come from iBOoks store, the author's website, etc. The idea of the channel would be to promote braille literacy, the whole "same time same price" concept, and promote the work of independent authors. I would use a braille display, which would show off the idea that I can immediately purchase and download a book and be reading it.

This idea was sparked by a twitter conversation I had with one of my favorite authors. WHen I mentioned to him that folks could read his books with refreshable braille, he thought that was the greatest thing he had ever heard and retweeted it to his audience with a really nice comment about how he would always insure that his books could be available in retail stores that offered accessible formats. This could also be a fantastic way to promote NFB of michigan and our braille initiatives in the state.

Here's the odd request.

Currently, I don't own, nor know how to really efficiently use a braille display. Are there orgs here in the state that I could request a purchase of one? Would MCB even consider such a purchase anymore given the whole E O deal? Are there any of you with A T companies willing to loan me one so long as I keep making these vids, allow me to buy one on a payment plan so I can start getting familiar with it immediately and subsequently start producing these videos, or give me one in exchange for a Preroll, Interstitial, and postroll mention of your company and services?

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much.


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