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Hello Terri,

Thank you for sending out these minutes. They are well written. However, was 
there not some kind of discussion related to the minutes during the last 
conference call? I believe I joined the conference call just as this 
discussion was ending, and was waiting for the minutes to come out to see 
what this discussion was all about. If there was any discussion regarding 
the minutes, I would greatly appreciate seeing this discussion reflected in 
these minutes.


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> Minutes, June 7, 2012 8:30 P.M.
> Secretary's Report, Terri Wilcox. Mary Wurtzel moved to accept the 
> Secretary's Report. Mike Powell seconded the motion. The motion passed.
> Treasurer's Report, Mary Wurtzel. $122,669.77 was the current balance 
> before money was sent to the National Office. $2,000 is available for the 
> Youth for the Bridge Walk. Thirteen people signed up for vouchers. 
> $57,507.02 has been sent to the National Office. Our current balance is 
> $65,162.75. The current balance without the youth money is $63,162.75. 
> Mike Powell made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report. Terri Wilcox 
> seconded the motion. The Treasurer's Report was adopted.
> Quorum yes Larry Posont, Mike Powell, Terri Wilcox, Mary Wurtzel, Nick 
> Wilcox Sarah Norwood and Dave Robinson
> Introduction of participating Members
> President's Report, Larry Posont. The Agenda has been released for 
> National Convention.
> Fair Wages for People with Disabilities Legislation, H.R. 3086. McCotter, 
> and Fred Upton? Follow Up? McCotter is a lame duck. It might be difficult 
> to get Fred Upton to sponsor H.R. 3086 because of sheltered shops in 
> Kalamazoo. The National office has issued a boycott of Goodwill 
> Industries.
> Newsline, If the Commission for the Blind moves to the Department of Human 
> Services, we will receive funding for Newsline. The Commission for the 
> Blind will give Newsline another $20,000. The Commission for the blind 
> brought 8 million dollars forward from last year. Their is plenty of 
> money. There is a new number for Newsline plus the National Federation of 
> the Blind number.
> Commission for the Blind Board Meeting, June 15. There was much 
> speculation concerning the new Executive Order.
> Consumer Organizations Report to the Commission Board, June 15. ACB/NFB 
> 2:00 to 3:30. Mike Powell will prepare the National Federation of the 
> Blind Presentation. Mike Powell, Dave Robinson and Fred Wurtzel will 
> present our Resolutions that still need action from the Commission Board 
> and  dialog with the Board. They will also discuss the new Executive 
> Order. Release a press release regarding accessibility of state buildings 
> and information. All meetings must be accessible according to the ADA.
> Consumer Involvement Items on the Commission Board Agenda. The first State 
> Plan meeting is changed. The Executive Order is still prolonged. Approval 
> is not available for the use of federal money for the separation of the 
> Randolph Sheppard Program from the rest of the Commission for the Blind. 
> Sheltered Workshops have large endowments. There is concern about changing 
> the Commission structure after the election in November.
> Detroit Department of Transportation. An individual from the Detroit 
> Department of Transportation will be at the Commission Board Meeting for a 
> half hour to answer questions. Clients from Detroit need to send emails 
> about what they need to individuals in management at the Commission for 
> the Blind.
> National Convention Financial Aid Update, Mary Wurtzel. The thirteen 
> people who requested money should get it at National Convention. People 
> who received assistance must work at the Michigan Exhibit table and attend 
> the Banquet at Convention.
> Airplane Auction Update. The tickets were sold to Dave and Mary Ann 
> Robinson and J.J. Meddaugh. The money goes to the Youth Outreach Program. 
> The Student Division will raffle off an i-pod Touch or Apple gift card.
> The Michigan Caucus at the 2012 National Convention in Dallas is Saturday, 
> June 30, from 9:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. in the Lalique room in the Atrium 
> Mezzanine.
> National Convention Items for Sale, Dave Robinson. Sarah Norwood and Dave 
> Robinson will conduct the Banquet Ticket exchange. Volunteers are needed 
> for the Michigan Exhibit Table and for the Independence Market. Coffee 
> prices might need to be raised because of rising costs.
> Check to see if we can sell bouquets of balloons to State Affiliates for 
> Banquet tables, Dave Robinson.
> Quarterly Board Meeting, Doubletree Hotel, August 25.
> The Western Wayne County Fund Raiser after the Board Meeting is steaks at 
> Larry Posont's house. Contact him for details. The price is $10 if paid to 
> Larry Posont before August 1. The price goes up to $12 if paid after 
> August 1.
> State Convention, Doubletree Hotel October 19-21. The Doubletree Hotel 
> will cost $89.00 per night plus tax. Someone must determine if Doubletree 
> will handle Preregistration. Agenda items are needed for State Convention. 
> Dave Robinson, Mary Wurtzel, and Mike Powell are on the 2012 State 
> Convention Committee. The Theme is Taking Charge of their own Destiny. A 
> Senior event is suggested. An accessible voting machine might be present 
> at Convention. Papal and Amazon Payments are two options for prepaying 
> registration. Kim Mohnke will create the flyer. She wants the theme and 
> registration dates. Mike Ellis, Kandi Jelinski and Mary Wurtzel are on a 
> committee to investigate and schedule the 2013 State Convention. Traverse 
> City would like us to have the State Convention at the Grand Traverse 
> Resort.
> The White Cane lists are still being sorted. Jordyn Castor wants to call 
> new students on the White Cane lists. Kandi Jelinski wants to call new 
> perspective Chapter at Large Members.
> Summer Camps, Fred Wurtzel. Let Fred Wurtzel or Terri Wilcox know if you 
> want to volunteer for Braille, or Science camps. Braille Camp is July 
> 15-21. Science Camp, is July 21-28. The talking Lab Quest equipment 
> arrived.
> New Business: There may be a Board Meeting on June 21 run by Mike Powell. 
> Larry Posont will be out of town.
> Old Business: Are chapters going to donate money for funds for National 
> Convention?
> Dave Robinson moved to Adjourn at 9:51.
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