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There is a link here that will show a Youtube video of the Talking lab
Quest.  When you get to the link that says Youtube, simply press the enter
key when your cursor is somewhere on the link.

As you may recall, the Michigan Braille Transcribing fund generously granted
us funds for the purchase of 3 TLQ's  along with a number of probes to
measure various things like pH (acidity), temperature, soil moisture, light
intensity and wavelengths, etc.  We used these in our Science Camp program
last week.  There were 9 campers.  3 of them volunteered to travel around to
schools to demonstrate the equipment to encourage blind kids to get into
science.  The TLQ's  worked very well.  We are saying that the first blind
astronaut has been born.

So, if you are interested in these most interesting machines, watch the
video.  it is very basic but there is a short demonstration at the end.
Feel free to write me off-list or call if you have more questions.

Warmest Regards,


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Hello Folks!

We have released a short video describing the hardware of the Talking
LabQuest. It is a great resource to show teachers and students who are
interested in learning more about the device's operation. Independence
Science has also been working with the Washington State School for the
Blind to produce videos that describe proper lab bench set up and
experiment techniques for the blind. They will be released shortly.

For now, please let us know what you think about this verbal overview of
the Talking LabQuest at info at independencescience.com


Lab Access for All,

Roger Tower
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Independence Science
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