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Hi Joe,


I am wondering if you can locate the Executive order of 1965 related to type 1, 2 and 3 transfers of agencies in state government.I wonder if the Governor can make an executive order to change an agency from a type 2 to a tyope 1 or 3.  If you can find and are willing to look, I would be most appreciative.  Below is an excerpt from the MCB Commission board Bylaws, which I had never read in their entiriety.  This where the 1965 reference comes from.


Also taken into consideration were previous practices, the intent and analysis in the passing of P.A. 260, the Executive Order of 1965 dealing with Type 1 through Type 3 transfers within state departments, and other research in the establishment of policy.

Thanks for any help you may lend in this matter.


Warm Regards,



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