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Georgia Kitchen ghkitchen at comcast.net
Thu Aug 23 03:13:42 UTC 2012

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the note. That is great to know Mike Ellis is writing that Grant. 
A big relief for me to say the least. That is really nice of him to work so 
hard. Volunteers are so hard to come by.
Newsline as you know is signed up with RSVP in Flint. Time again for another 
luncheon to honor all the volunteers. It is held at one of the Methodist 
churches in Flint.  Time  for another clay class I believe also. I was 
supposed to do some gardening but the only living thing in any of the pots 
has been this darn cat of ours.  I know we will hopefully get some help with 
Newsline God willing.

 I am glad you are doing so much better. My dad had a  stress test 
oday  --so far so good. Those darn complications from diabetes.  I ate 
enough smoothie and ice cream today for the both of us so you won't have to 
worrry about that.  Seriously, I am usually better about my diet.

I talked with a woman who is  interested in the NFB.

I was asked to co-help with the Lutheran Outreach with Mary Jackson. She was 
supposed to come to the mall when our chapter at large--a few of us met 
there in Auburn Hills.
 She fractured her ankle unfortunately.

 Hope you continue to do well. We are doing good. I have a few bad days now 
and then--that darn pain.

I love the global search on Newsline, the Readers Digest, Braille Monitor, 
tech magazines, and much more.

I thought aboutt helping out with the Labor Day bridge walk but acctually I 
have my hands full with Newsline.  It certainly sounds like a lot of fun.  I 
can make it up the top of the big dunes but have never walked the total 
length of that particular trail. Due to a former Newsline volunteer, we have 
been on quite a number of the popular trails at sleeping Bear, Ranger led 
walks and down to the lake on a rather hidden trail that is rather quick. 
Ken said it was every man for himself on that big dune  hike so Sammie and I 
got to the top. We made it all the way on the other trails. I guess we did 
the best we could. Sammie was always such a good sport. We didn't make it 
there the last couple years.
 I had my fifth evaluation  on June 7 with Leader Dog and they said I could 
go to the school for 3 weeks of training with a dog guide. I am praying that 
maybe they will let me stay for all four weeks.
If you hear from Christine, please tell her that we have been praying for 
her and her family.

It is quiet here tonight and the only noise is the expressway noise and the 
nearby train.

My counsin is having a party for my brother and myself/family reunion. It 
will be on Sunday and should be fun.

Have a good night.


  Georgia and Ken
Newsline has a new help line number. Will tell you later.

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> Thanks, Georgia,
> I talked to Mike Ellis.  He told me he is working on the grant.
> I sure appreciate your messages.  Say hi to Ken for me.
> Warmest Regards,
> Fred
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>> Hi Fred,
>> I am so glad  you are doing better and trying to get home. It is 
>> certainly a good sign. Our prayers will continue.
>> Best,
>> Georgia and Ken
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>>> Hello,
>>> Thanks to all of you who are praying and calling. Today, alone, along 
>>> with physical and Occupational therapy, Matt helped me get my iPod going 
>>> so I can keep up on NFB of Michigan business.  Dave and Brightsmile 
>>> called me and Larry, Joe S. and Lindell came to visit this evening.I and 
>>> my team,here feel things are progressing well.  I have a planning 
>>> meeting, tomorrow and I plan to go home Friday, if I can talk them into 
>>> it.  Stand by on this, though.
>>> I'm not sure how much I want to come to Detroit Saturday.  I do not like 
>>> being side-lined one bit.
>>> Again, thanks to all of you.  I'm proud that we told the Governor that 
>>> we are not going away when we visited the Capitol.
>>> I love all of you.
>>> Warmest Regards,
>>> Fred
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