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        Assistive Technology   

                                From Andrew Leibs, your Guide to Assistive Technology 
                              Funding assistive technology is difficult. So too is promoting products persons with disabilities can access for free. Federal laws offer free communications equipment, services, and training to deaf-blind persons. This week, we look at the iCanConnect campaign the FCC launched to increase awareness of what's available.  

                        Free Communications Technology for Deaf-Blind Persons 

                        The FCC's iCanConnect campaign seeks to educate the public on the range of free and low-cost communications products available to persons with vision and hear loss -- a provision of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA). 
                        See More About:  communications technology for the deaf  videophones  
                        Project Endeavor: Free Videophones, Broadband Discounts 

                        Project Endeavor seeks to narrow the digital divide among persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and to increase social and economic opportunities by providing free videophones and cheaper broadband service. 
                        Prentke-Romich AAC Devices Promote Language Development 

                        Prentke-Romich Company (PRC) is a leading innovator of alternative and augmentative communication devices that facilitate full language development for persons with physical and cognitive impairments that make speech difficult. 
                        See More About:  aac devices  speech generating devices  
                        DynaVox Maestro Gives Voice to Those Unable to Speak 

                        The DynaVox Maestro is a portable, electronic speech-generating device that enables those who are unable to speak to communicate using text, symbols, and synthetic speech. 

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