[nfbmi-talk] the insanity of so called conflits

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Fri Feb 3 16:05:27 CST 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For months and years Cannon and his lackies and his dupes have stated that mere association with NFB is a conflict of interest. This played out in the cases of Chris Boone, Dave Robinson, and crap against our state president Lary Posont in news articles and implications through intermediaries like Taeckens, et al in the media and in her resignation letter which was and is a public document from an outgoing public official.

Yet, no money changed hands and there were simply no conflicts of interests in any sense.

Yet, now Cannon in the public record wishes to go before the rummied so-called State Ethics Board and uses the private resources of a so-called non-profit to claim that Gwen Mcneal and others are not in classic conflicts of interests when they expend and authorize and approve federal and state monies to a private purveyor?

Look the conflict of interest is straight forward. She sits upon the Board of New Horizons and while she doesn't get paid for that position she has in demonstrable fashion steered business with again taxpayers monies to that very organization!

Whether or not there is a quid pro quo (or some sort of payoff) is irrelevant. One cannot serve two masters objectively. One cannot act as a steward of public funds as a paid public employee with any sort of impartiality while holding both positions.

Moreover, the tangled web of public and private trust is abridged over and over again in these strained relationships.

Yet, Cannon again plays games with smoke and mirrors. Don't let him or these bandits of NISH get away with it.

Heads need to roll. We have to stop feeding this corrupted beast.

And by the way this incestuous stuff goes well beyond MCB and even New Horizons.

But time is short and patriots of our movement need to stand up to this and other obscenities.

NFB cut its teeth going against the sub-minimum wage NISH shops and indeed those in NIB.

Here in Michigan we have these NISHH slavers being the very tail that wags the entire VR and indeed, Independent Living dog, and that goes to MCB and that goes to our mission fundamentally as Federationists to clean this corrupted mess up.

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