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    Dear all here on this correspondence and more...

For months and indeed years people have seen me ask the basics of in this case the Michigan Commission for the Blind about just who, what, when,where, why and how our federal and state monies are spent. Over and over again this state agency and its higher ups throw illegal and arbitrary road blocks abusing FOIA and everything else in the path of this single citizen who happens to be blind. What is being hidden through these abuses of process and power and privilege of the self-anointed? Not just me a citizen but all citizens who have the right to this information period and end of the story let alone one who happens to be blind?

Many voted for Governor Rick Snyder including sadly myself (for I must admit to it) not because I'm a Republican, for I most assuredly am not and never have been thank you very much. I voted for Rick Snyder for one thing, or actually two things. One he promised transparency which is the seminal issue of my rant here. Two Bernaro was just a corrupt hack in my mind and not aligned with my interests or that of my brothers and sisters in reality though nominally he professed to be in our camp so-to-speak and I wanted to throw a brick through the political wall of the nominal left that wasn't answering my or our collective needs in this instance -- perhaps desperately.... Indeed I'm decidedly left of center and have been from the beginning. But, that isn't the point of this diatribe. The point that the so-called "left" in America and the so-called "right" agree with is for transparency in just how our government spends the public's monies and  what safe guards are in effect to make certain that those expenditures go to just whom they are supposed to go to in the first place to after all the shaking and quaking and all the bells and whistles and all that sort of thing. I mean that is why the likes of Nadar and affiliated groups ask for transparency and why on the right such groups aligned with t he likes of say Ron Paul ask for transparency to name but two.  In other words we wish to regardless as to steering mechanisms, or agendas, etc. which we all have in this grand debate over governance and democracy at very least assure that monies earmarked for programs at least go to where in the hell they are supposed to go and that they are spent effectively and so on and so forth. These are fundamentals of a democratic-republic and a transparent government. But the State of Michigan in its affairs is oblique, non-transparent, riddled with conflicts of interests institutionally set forth and that goes in spades to the case at hand which most don't look at called the Michigan Commission for the Blind. Oh there are bigger culprits to be sure but I'm writing for the blind audience here and concentrating on those issues that effect us and this thing, this aborition, this abuse called the Michigan Commission for the Blind.and, indeed is aimed at blind constituents for this is our program and these are our services an how they are administered, funded, and accounted for is our collective and individual right.

This shouldn't be so hard to understand for in the case of federal VR monies these funds are actually supposed to go to for example the competitive employment of say in MCB's case blind people after all!

My Lord I've proven over and over again that the State apparatchik in Michigan and that includes the Michigan Commission for the Blind hides and avoids accountability as to just how and why and where it spends the public's funds. And they get diverted, laundried, dried, fried, and freeze dried and then laundered  once again in real terms to the point where they and other earmarked funds might as well be stamped "counterfeit" for they seem to go everywhere but scant few go to where they are supposed to go in the first place. And they and other funds get diverted regardless as to administration or political party and a shame on all of you for that fact jack!

Then these madmen and I include all of you including women in this wish for me, a poor blind guy to pay over and over again for accounting, let alone accountability of these public expenditures. And you use and abuse the fundamentals of the Freedom of Information Act which is supposed to be a protection against governmental waste, fraud and abuse to cover up and obfuscate waste, fraud and abuse. And then you quacks and hacks and government blood suckers have the bloody gall to compound the injury by perniciously violating my civil rights over and over again under the ADA and 504 to receive this information in a readable available vessel via simple e-mail for crying out loud and not even Braille illegally invoking the "undue hardship and administrative burden" requirements of the ADA and 504 in full circle you abuse all that is right and holy in a citizen's right to access and make accountable the system of state government and you all should be bloody well ashamed at that especially while you all have state and federally funded paychecks paid for by the likes of me and others in my class!

And then sorry and sad and pathetic narcissistic sellouts like Pat Cannon call this "name calling" and invoke the likes of Rodney King saying, "Why can't we all get along," whilst scoffing at the very laws in demonstrable fashion, again documented, over and over again he is paid to discharge, but abuses.

Meanwhile back at the ranch you all regardless as to party affiliation suck off  the public trough and at the public trust.

This might seem to be a "Tea Party" thing to some. It is not.

I'm for the programs meant to advance people with disabilities including those of us who are blind. This isn't a "Tea Party" rant. This isn't a ninety niner rant either.

This is a call for you to do your jobs and for you to account for the public trust in which you are all charged and to ensure the efficacy  of federal and state programs.

If you don't like that job then don't let the door hit you in the backside one and all!

Go out and get a bloody job in the dreaded private sector.

Oh if you're blind you might wish to skip going to MCB on that account for you won't ever get a call back from the indifferent scofflaws sucking at the government udder whilst scoffing at its very laws including in these circumstances. Oh and don't bother to go to unemployment either unless you are some annointed hack or unless you are dead, of course and in the latter case you might get an unemployment check...But I digress...

I dare you to go blind today and then to go to this agency where the state has purloined our funding and diverted   to people and institutions who wouldn't and don't know a thing about blindness if it bit them on their backsides except that it meant a paycheck at our expense an didn't spend funds meant for it for its stated purposes which include amongst other things the following:

-transition services
-vocational rehabilitation services including:
 --basic rehabilitation services including O and M, assistive tech, etc.
-college and other vocational instruction and training
-BEP opportunities
-IL services including those for the elderly blind to keep our people out of costly nursing homes

Etc., etc., etc.

Very little of this is done in real terms though there are really good and positive people working in the trenches including some in administration, though very few and mostly those hard working grunts in the field like travel instructors, Braille instructors, and the like...

No we need more of these kinds but we are top heavy like all our State of Michigan entities in the "hack field" and very week on the delivery field.

And as a final editorial comment Pat Cannon is the ultimate patronage hack working constantly to promote the interest of himself and his patronage against the interest of those who are blind let alone the interest which all are supposed to protect here and that is the interests of the public and the commonweal.

But, the other hacks let him get away with this crappola why? Simple it all goes to the over all agenda of basically purloining again federal and state funds and feeding the never ending hacks within the system.

There isn't even a need for fraud investigations in this state. The corruption is institutionalized!

And it isinstitutionalized in the very system that obstructs the flow of useful information about the spending activities of all of its entities and its obstructions to public transparency including and most accute for those who like myself happen to be blind for again I'm hit with double indemnity...I'm hit with the bom (petard) of the abuse of FOIA and then I'm hit with the abuse of accessibility.

Ladies and gentlemen today is the time for sunshine on all the programs of the State of Michigan. Certainly in the narrow scope of things we might just shed a little bloody light on the activities of the Michigan Commission for the Blind eh?


Joe Harcz


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