[nfbmi-talk] death notices

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Fri Feb 3 20:33:37 CST 2012

Dear colleagues,

I'm distraught. Over the past few months so many leaders and dear colleagues have died in the midst of battles for all of our freedoms and betterments.

Forgive me while I weep ...

They are named by first name only here:

Diane, a beloved who was sighted but who fought for the rights of the blind including mine and those in her family and of whom I loved personally and dearly beyond words.

Laura who had MS and who fought alongside me for the rights of all PWD and I just found outtonight she died and it breaks my every loving heart and my civil rights heart too...

Oh I can't go on there are more many more and I'm feeling them all in my soul...
Tomorrow when I get my emotional act together I'll let you know about two others whom I loved and were so dear and who were warriors. They past this scene and I loved them and they meant more than they will ever know.

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