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First draft:  January 30, 2012

EOC Motions incorporated on February 6, 2012 


The Commission for the Blind is seeking a food service provider to operate the House of Representatives cafeteria located at 124 N. Capitol Ave in Lansing, MI.  Interested bidders are required to submit five (5) copies of a proposal in both print and electronic formats in a sealed envelope to the Commission’s Offices on the 2nd floor at the Victor Office Center at 201 N. Washington Sq, Lansing, MI, 48909  no later than 5 p.m. on February __.  Proposals should be hand delivered or sent U.S mail; this is a sealed bid solicitation and the Commission will not accept faxed or e-mailed proposals for consideration.  The Commission may use fax or e-mail communications with a successful bidder once an award has been made.  The Commission is not responsible for late submissions due to irregularities in mail delivery.  No late proposals will be considered for award.  No bids will be opened or evaluated until the business day following the final acceptance date.  Additionally, prospective bidders are required to attend a pre-award walk-through of the facility at 10 a.m. on February __.  At this walk through complete equipment inventory will be provided for use in the development of proposals by interested bidders.  Questions will need to be submitted in writing to the Commission within seven (7) days of this walk through so that all interested parties can be given the additional information.  E-mail submission of any questions will be accepted and should be sent to hullj at michigan.gov.  Failure to attend the walk through will disqualify potential bidders from award.   Incomplete proposals will also disqualify a potential bidder for award.  


The technical proposal must include necessary information to enable evaluators to form a concrete conclusion of the bidder’s ability to perform complete project management of Food Service Operations.  Any successful bidder will be required to comply with all Commission for the Blind rules and regulations regarding the Business Enterprise Program.  A complete copy of the Promulgated Rules will be provided at the facility walk through.  A non-licensed bidder who is awarded the facility that fails to maintain required standards at the facility will be notified in writing of the deficiency and will have thirty(30) days to correct the problem or will be removed from the facility.  A licensed bidder awarded the facility will be subject to the removal procedures outlined in the BEP Promulgated Rules for non-compliance.  Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with ninety (90) days written notice to the other party, excepting that the Commission cannot remove a licensee without cause as outlined in the promulgated rules.  The Commission reserves the right to request additional information as needed to clarify any proposal submitted.    Proposals for consideration must include all of the following:


·        Resume and supporting educational transcripts of the proposed manager;

·        Proof of current National Restaurant Association Serve Safe Certification for the proposed manager;

·        A complete business plan to include:

o       Organizational structure including management flow chart;

o       Standard Operating Procedures and associated Operational Standards;

o       Financial Prospectus;

o       daily and weekly menus including a catering menu;

o       employee position descriptions;

o       Employee training in sanitation, service, food preparation, and marketing;

o       Marketing and Promotions plan;

o       Cleaning and maintenance schedule;

·        Quality Assurance Plan to identify the steps taken to maintain a high level of service, identify deficiencies and steps to be taken to eliminate deficiencies;

·        A picture and/or description of employee uniforms;

·        Current and relevant references for past performance, including current or recent food service experience with detailed explanations of the scope of work, employee responsibilities, and customer satisfaction.  References must include contact information that is up to date.


As this is a facility within the Commission for the Blind’s Business Enterprise Program (BEP), preference will be given to proposals from qualified, or cafeteria certified, licensees or other licensees who engage a qualified teaming partnership.  All proposals submitted either by licensees or outside bidders must include a mechanism to provide a blind employee presence within the facility throughout the entire operational period.  Proposals not clearly identifying this presence will not be considered for placement.


At the conclusion of the bid period, all qualified complete proposals will be reviewed by an interview panel consisting of Commission for the Blind staff, Elected Operator’s Committee representatives, and building management.  Interviews will be offered to the responsible person(s) submitting a qualified and complete proposal and will be conducted in Lansing by the same panel who reviewed the proposals.  The facility will be offered to the successful bidder based on the results of the face-to-face interviews and associated business plan.


Should you have any questions regarding this request for bids, please feel free to contact the Commission.  You may speak to the Assistant Program Manager, Mr. James Hull, or facility Promotional Agent, Mr. Josh Hoskins.  Mr. Hull may be reached at 517/373.2064 and Mr. Hoskins at 517/335.4263.


**Amendment 1 effective 2/6/12 by EOC motion:  That should a non-licensed bidder be awarded the facility that they be willing to engage in negotiations to develop a teaming partnership with an interested BEP licensee;


**Amendment 2 effective 2/6/12 by EOC motion:  That should the award be to a non-licensee that they be willing and able to provide training to an interested licensee in cafeteria service and management in either a paid or unpaid position as determined by the two parties.


The following information is provided to assist prospective bidders in developing the required business plan:

·        The Commission for the Blind will provide all equipment for the facility and will maintain all equipment provided minus the associated labor deductible associated with all BEP facilities.  Alterations to the equipment may not be done, including additions and removal, without the prior written consent of the Commission. All equipment provided at the start of operations as well as throughout must be returned in like condition to the Commission at the completion of the operational period.  

·        An initial product inventory of $7000 will be provided for the facility by the Commission in accordance with policy.  The initial inventory will be determined by cooperation between the Commission and the selected vendor.  The value of the initial inventory provided by the Commission must be returned at the end of the operational period.  

·        Reports on the profit and loss of the facility must be provided to the Commission on a monthly basis, due by the 15th day of the month following the reporting period, and a 10% Set Aside Fee as calculated against business net proceeds must be paid to the Commission postmarked by the 25th day of the month following the report period.

·        Building Population:  The House of Representatives cafeteria is located in the Anderson House Office Building.  As this houses the state legislature and they are not always in session at the building, the population may vary as follows:

o       2011 legislative session days:  103

o       during session days the building population can be 800 - 1000 people

o       General daily population:  500

o        2012 legislative session days currently scheduled:  90  

·        Facility annual sales for the past three years are as follows:

o       2011-$244,025

o       2010-$300,851

o       2009-$253,712

Additional financial data, including a complete profit and loss statement for the past three years is available upon request.

·        Any alterations to the menu, other than seasonal adjustments, including pricing (other than commodities), service level, operational standards, cleaning and maintenance schedule, or other operational considerations provided in the initial business plan must be relayed in writing to the Commission, Elected Operator’s Committee, and Building Management and be posted in the facility at least two weeks prior to the effective date of the change.  The facility manager must meet with the Commission, Elected Operator’s Committee and Building Management once per month for the first six (6) months of operations and quarterly from that point on.

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