[nfbmi-talk] resources

Ghkitchen ghkitchen at comcast.net
Thu Feb 9 20:19:02 CST 2012


Here are a  couple resources,

www.campt.org science camp and many others including Braille.

commission for the blind: 
800-292-4200, the library f/t blind and school f/t blind (mainly resources and library now) also has funding available for elgible students.

nfb.org offers free canes, some outreach programs
NFBNewsline.org or 517-338-4064

that is the  NFBNewsline number in Michigan. Newsline offers over 280 newspapers, tv listings, magazines about 40, job listings, global search, personalized help, please call me and leave your email, etc.  I can call you back and send info or email it.

www.leaderdog.org has program for youth in summer

See you later and thanks for writing.



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