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Just look at the so-called closures related to "Shelterred workshops" like JVS and Goodwill etc.

then tell me about the right sorts of things realted to general accountability ok?

Now Commissioners and all look in to this in detail ok? By the way none of this higly paid for crap is yet on MCB's list serve.

Not one wit.

Look into these closures and see how hmany you know personally beteween the lines that are repeated over and over again. It is sp9in upon spin. Crap u[pon ccrap.

The only constants are the hacks like Robertsonn here. 

Oh my did I say the term "hack". What in the flying fig does one call a hack unless one might also call him an outright crook?

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From: Robertson, Bob (LARA) 
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 2:13 PM
Subject: Re: request for information consumer satisfaction

Joe -

Per your request, below are the results of the survey done in August 2010 of persons closed status 26.

Bob Robertson


Michigan Commission for the Blind 

Survey of "26 Closures" Participants

August 2010

Total Participant Names                                                320

            Number Deceased                                 5


            Phone Numbers Disconnected  68


            Didn't Respond to Phone Calls 94

                                                                                    153 Respondents

Seniors or Retired:        14

1.         Were the services you received from MCB instrumental in assisting you in becoming employed? 

Yes:     105                  No:      35

Yes & No:       1 (lives in rural area-needs transportation)


            Kind of - going to school and doing volunteer work in the field 

            Already employed/helped keep employment - 11

            Guardian not happy w/MCB services - didn't help at all

            Helped with schooling/finishing school - 3

            Still working w/MCB - wants to be in vending program

            Received tools

            Didn't get any help, got glasses paid for


2.         Are you currently employed?                Yes:  86                       No:  61

                        One person still in school - couldn't do both work and school

                        One person was just laid off

                        One person laid off two years ago

                        Was employed and moved to FL& trying to get business up again 

                        Was employed and moved to Georgia and working w/Georgia MCB

            a.         Are you receiving benefits from your employer? Yes:  30           No:  39

                        1 No response - benefits elective & chose not to take

            If yes, what is your employer's name?  

                        Fifth Third Bank

                        BEP - 10

                        Sam's Club

                        University of MI, Transportation Research Institute, Transp. Data Center

                        Liberty Athletic Club

                        Access Living, Chicago, IL


                        Nino's Salzaggios


                        Pro Step

                        Lake State Industries

                        Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center

                        Bail Bonds insurance Agency

                        Disability Advocates of Kent County


                        Miller's Super Value Grocery Store

                        Self-employed - real estate

                        Hartland health Care

                        Manor Care

                        Self-employed - does craft shows

                        Amway Corp.

                        State of MI - MDOT - bridge

                        Moto-Medic Inc.

                        Windstream Communications

                        State of Wyoming - Chaplin

                        Self-employed - Hampton & Sons Construction

                        Self-employed - RDS Consultants

                        Jewish Vocational Services

                        First National Bank

                        Self-employed (realtor) & works for someone else (White Horse Inn)

                        Cranberry Estate

                        Dominos & Red Lobster (works 2 part-time jobs)

                        University of MI

                         AARP (doing a training program through them)

                        Arms Insurance Agency

                        Self-employed - Forest Products

                        Torres Golf Management

                        YWCA - southwestern MI

                        Little Cesar's Pizza

                        Beaumont Hospital

                        Self- employed - Brew for You

                        ARC of St. Clair County


                        Milt Rackman

                        Self-employed - AT Guides

                        Detroit Community

                        CVS Pharmacy

                        Trinity Senior Living Community

                        Self-employed - EZ Way Lawn Service

                        Flint Public Schools

                        Kaplan Test Prat & Admissions

                        America's Pride

                        Bushes Inc

                        MSU - Disability Resource Center

                        Family Health Psychiatric & Counseling Center

                        Self-employed - Randall Bakery

                        Self-employed - independent contractor

                        Detroit Hispanic Development Inc.

                        Goodwill Industries

                        City of Detroit - Water/Sewer Dept.

                        Northern Suburban Special Education District

                        Community Care Services

                        Tower Clock Eye

                        Calvin College

                        Self- employed - independent contractor (transcription)

                        Self-employed - Fine Imaging Inc.

                        Self-employed - Awesome Power Washer, Inc

                        Detroit Board of Education

                        Double W Oil field

                        Guardian Industries


                        Self- employed - Blind Campbell Enterprises

                        Self-employed - Fast Break Foods

                        Cobbler's Bench

                        Self-employed - has a vegetable stand

                        Self-employed - Jaime Villa Message Therapy

3.         Are you still working at the same job you were when your MCB case was closed? 

      Yes:  72           No:  14

            If no, who is your new employer?          This answer reflects current employer in above.

4.         Have you received a promotion?           Yes:  6             No:  61

5.         What is your salary range?

            Less than $20,000:       46

$20,000-$40,000:        18

            More than $40,000:      14

6.         Do you work full time or part-time?       Full time:  45                 Part-time:  39


                        Sometimes full time - sometimes part-time

                        Seasonal work

7.         Are you currently working in the field you received training in?   Yes:  62           No:  20


                        Not exactly

            If no, is there a reason why you are no longer employed in the field? 


                        Deterioration of eye sight

Didn't need any training; not happy w/MCB; put up barriers to employment; caseworker was good but retired (Ray Kirkland)

                        Laid off

                        Due to my disability

                        Wasn't trained in a field; training in starting your business (woodworking)

                        Don't know

                        Currently working with MCB

                        Economy; PHD in ecology and can't find work in Grand Rapids

                        Business closed and can't find employment

                        He's in janitorial now, was a truck driver- it's his vision

                        Training to work at home

                        Trained for massage therapy and because of meds, can't do anymore

                        Didn't receive training - 3

                        No training - showed how to use "tools" to see

                        Received equipment to assist him in job

                        Still going to school; trying to get master's degree; wants to get into Western MI

                        Skills need to be updated

                        Didn't want training due to her son's disability; received visual aids

                        Was unable to get a job

                        PD for college, but degree was in a different area than I'm working in now

                        Just furnished AT and how to use them

                        Only career guidance at that time

                        No training; helped with AT

                        Company didn't feel job he did was safe

                        Didn't receive training; but received AT


8.         Are you interested in becoming employed again?           Yes:  33           No:  12


                        Don't know now because of things going on now

                        Just moved from Colorado to Michigan

                        She can't work

                        Had heart attack and in therapy and had an amputation

                        Problem is transportation

                        Not right now

                        Maybe - now disabled with a neck injury

                        Due to his health

            If yes, what area can MCB assist you in your job search? 


                        MCB says they can't assist him

                        Going to school

                        She's in the arts (jazz entertainment)- wants to do music in clubs

                        Getting a job

                        Not sure - 8

I can't drive and can't see well - closed his business because couldn't see - worked with MCB after that

                        Wants customer service or administrative assistance

Computer needs to be updated; Jaws doesn't work; called vendor & can't install herself

Needs some special glasses

Wants training in another area such as nurse's aid

Trying to get back w/counselor to work on a plan - just got a dog

Working with her; needs help with her mobility and needs transportation

Wants to be self-employed - 2

Supplying her with job leads; help with her resume

Help her get a job in social work

Help with job leads and transportation

Help with finding right job

Wants to start his own business, has his own tools

9.         Do you want your case opened again?  Yes:  48           No:  79


Case is currently opened - 11

Got realtor's license; eye sight is deteriorating- can't drive anymore; problem w/brightness and dimness; needs help w/home skills; was happy with services before

Tried to get into Kalamazoo school for vendor training; had to do routine things he didn't need; MCB makes work - not user friendly; voices this to others.  He jumped through all hoops, saw other vendors; won't give training (driving); 30 weeks and can't do because of his family and other responsibilities - long distance for him to be there at all times and use white cane all times; doesn't want to use (if can't use, expels clients).  Good when working with Ray - have to take duplicative course when he knows subjects - was told vacancies of state facilities but wouldn't allow him to bid on - pointed out rest areas to expand into.

Lisa Kamcondal(?) never returned calls; Kim Kennedy was good and met with her from time to time

Has a 15 month old child and staying home now and will go back to work eventually     

                        Not currently, but are assisting others with your skills (woodworking)

                        May be interested in music therapy

                        Probably in the future to study accounting

                        Has seen his doctor and can't drive - doesn't know what you can do for him

                        Needs new equipment

                        Services were great until recently when requested a piece of equipment

                        He's hard of hearing - needs assistance in the home and cooking

            I'm very grateful for MCB - Shannon McVoy was great - helped him and his family

                        People who she currently works with now are great people

                        Going to school to get her GED

                        Was a successful professor for over 40 years and enjoyed his work

                        Wants to work with Michelle Visser

                        Named voc. Person of the year - helped her immensely

                        Michelle Visser was counselor but he was contracted out to others

                        On total disability and can work only so many hours

                        Doesn't live in MI anymore, lives in Washington D.C.

                        Has broken his glasses and will wait for MCB to contact him

                        Needs glasses

                        Got switched to a new worker and has been sick for past year

            Does MCB have a pre-screening program to see where people's interest lies or what they would be good at?

            Worried about soc security limits (I suggested to talking w/a WIPA person and didn't want to)

                        Purchasing electrical books

            Had to fight with MCB on some issues - called 2 months ago and MCB won't help people find jobs

            Living in Wisconsin now

            Wants computer training

            Great counselor Michelle Visser and last counselor was great also

            Interested in training at Louisiana Training Center for the Blind

            Wants more training on the computer


            If yes, obtain the following information and someone from MCB will get in touch with them.

            Name:  _________See surveys for this information_________________

            Address:  __________________________________________________

            Phone:  ____________________________________________________


From: Michigan Comm for the Blind Vision 20/20 List [mailto:MCB2020-L at LISTSERV.MICHIGAN.GOV] On Behalf Of joe harcz Comcast
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 8:23 AM
Subject: request for information consumer satisfaction

October 19, 2011 Inquiry Related to Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, MI  48458


Patrick D. Cannon

Director, Michigan Commission for the Blind

(via e-mail)

Dear Mr. Cannon,

I'm writing today to request an accessible copy of the completed consumer satisfaction survey denoted in the following section from the MCB 2011 "Strategic Action Plan":


Objective 2

1.2           Work collaboratively with a third party to develop assessment and tracking tools to measure client satisfaction with MCB services and determine the extent to which clients whose cases are closed successfully remain employed and independent at 18 months or 24 months following case closure. These tools are to include an optional online survey for clients and telephone survey conducted by a third party. The survey instrument has been completed. It is now just a need to conduct the survey. 

Status: The survey has been completed and the results need to be compiled and analyzed. This will be done by May 2011. "

As you know I'm legally blind and I request this report as either a plain text enclosure and/or a Word document sent to my e-mail adress listed above. 

Thank you in advance for your prompt compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 in these regards.


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

Cc: MCB Commissioners



Responsibility:  Leamon Jones, Elsie Duell, and Bob Robertson

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