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Thu Feb 16 22:10:16 CST 2012

Blind Man's Bluff

Joe Harcz

First Draft

September 15, 1999




Vacant insecure eyes overlooking blind man's bluff

  Masked with fearless glare.

An  eagle rises in the heart

To face the fear

And take the dare

  After momentary hesitation

  Icarus soars with exhilaration

Ever skyward


His eyes vacant

Except with hope pointing.

  With wings of feathers, wax and will

Reaching with everything inside

  Striving to touch the sun and sky.

Wanting to live before he died.

Knowing the thrill

  Of tenacity unbound.

Though ultimately crashing to the ground.

  Some say he's in hell

For hubris.

  Others say he lived hard, fast and well among us.

A lesson for all of us

  Who wish to fly,

Kiss the sun,

And ride the sky.

If just once

  Before we die.

Taking the measure

Finding the right stuff

To face the daily challenge when

Overlooking Blind Man's Bluff.

For those of you who think Icarus was a fool

Who threw it all away

 That day.,

I say,

His immortal echo will resound, saying:


"At least I flew away.

Life is to be lived and cherished.

I flew majestically before I perished.

You stand in confused timidity,

Fearing to defy the gravity ,

That is your ultimate tragedy.

The wounded mortality

Of life 

That is never truly lived."



And no one stands alive

To say 


who was the really

Blind mand that day



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