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Thu Feb 23 06:07:26 CST 2012

ADA 504 Request Related to Correspondence of Director Cannon


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, MI  48458

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Not a Freedom of Information Act Request as This Relates to an MCB Meeting


To: Patrick Cannon

Director, Michigan Commission for the Blind

Via e-mail


Dear Mr. Cannon,


I am writing expressly to get any correspondence between yourself, or any subordinates and the law firm representing New Horizons Rehabilitation Services, Inc that you used as  your response to Commissioner Schuck in her inquiries related to apparent conflicts of interests, or appearances of them related to the fact that East Region Supervisor Gwen McNeal serves on New Horizons Board of Trustees and the fact that MCB, Macomb ISD and New Horizons was cited for “reversion to vender” in the RSA monitoring report.


Again Ms. Schuck did ask you whether the opinion that this was not a conflict of interest came from the Michigan Attorney General’s office or other State of Michigan legal sources and you responded that the opinion came from New Horizon’s lawyers.


This is quite clear on the recording of that meeting that has been highly circulated on the internet.


Anyway I want those correspondences in accessible format of course as I’m blind as you know and you know the format too.


I openly wonder though just who in the heck really runs outfits that are federally funded like MCB work for in this strange event. I mean does the New Horizon’s private law firm offer legal advice routinely about things that relate to MCB and other State of Michigan affairs? By the way what is the name of this law firm and just who in the heck gave you the legal advice you reference on the issue?


Perhaps this should go to the State of Michigan Ethics Board?


Again I want those correspondences and again you have some explain to do sir.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.


Cc: MCB Commissioners


Cc: S. Arwood, LARA

Cc: RSA 

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