[nfbmi-talk] Decentralization of the Commission

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Sat Feb 25 07:01:25 CST 2012

It is my oppinion that none of us from iether organization of blind comsumers advocates this shocking move by our estemed Governor.  I didn't nor will ever vote for him.  That aside, to my knowledge, NFB never advocated the abolishment of the Commission.  We constantly called for reform in order to serv its clients, blind folks the way it waas meant to.  I am stunned that this is happening!  I am not really sorry about its director being out of a job but otherwise, I think this is appalling!  How can us blind folks fight for ourselves when our services will be devided across the board?  If our Board of Commissioners is abolished, how can we continue having a real say in how our tazx dollars get spent on blindness?  I also know many folks in the Commission who are decent folks and truely want to better our lot.  Having dealt with DHS in a semiproffessional and personal capacity, I truely don't have a clue how they plan to have access to the services they are supposed to be providing.  And what of BEP?  For all its faults, it has provided many blind folks iether with a means to make a living or as a start to move up and really be able to contribute to the tax pool.  Again, I want to make it clear that in my perception, us in NFB never!! called for decentralization!!  I believe we will always fight against coruption and abuse of the system whereever it occurs!  Dhis decentralization is disastrous for all of us!  
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