[nfbmi-talk] Decentralization of the Commission

David Robinson drob1946 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 10:26:21 CST 2012

Dear Mr. Smith, 

   You can have your own opinion on this issue, but I as one who is deeply
involved in these issues and strongly advocate for the blind of this State
resent your implication that I an others are clowns.  You sir have no
standing to judge anyone's motivation.  We will do what we need to do.  You
can help or just sit back with your smug attitude and laugh at how funny we
are as clowns.  I however, know as a blind person living in Michigan, I
could never count on you for anything, so you will just come along on our
backs as we define the direction for the years ahead. u 

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Hello Larry,
	Both groups advocated this move by proxy.  If no one provides a
positive critically thought out solution, you are part of the problem.  I
have more than 500 messages from this list from the past few months that
absolutely unequivocally call for the destruction of MCB in its current
incarnation.  I do not see one positive critically thought out solution.  I
see only the rare call by Christine boone providing a bit of well thought
out clarification or if necessary admonishment of a member in a gentle and
kind way.
	Coming from the business world this move that the Governor is
taking appears to be a  solid one.  He is taking what appears publically to
be two agencies that are not functioning in an efficient manor, moving them
to the most logical place where they will leverage the assets of one another
along with enhancing their own already established organizations.  In
addition the removal of a program that has smelled of nepotism and insider
trading  is being placed where it makes the most logical sense, the
department who handles the states ways and means.
	Only a short sighted person would or could say that the MCB board is
NOT the most dysfunctional group that has ever existed.  One only has to sit
in a meeting for about two minutes to realize that it is run by amateurs and
attended by a group of circus clowns.  The lack of human dignity and respect
alone calls for its destruction.  The most eloquent and efficient way to do
this is to dismantle the entire organization.  Take what is working, give it
to a different management team,, then eliminate the parts that are
disfunctioning , establish a new legally appointed board to satisfy the law,
and move on.
	So you got your wish, the change that you have been calling for is
here.  The bureaucrats in this state are currently hunkering under their
desks right now just wondering where the next hammer blow is going to come
from.  The word on the street is that no one has seen this many laws fly
through the legislature this fast  in a very long time.  Go lawyer up and
bring up a case.  Before it gets anywhere , you will see the law change.
The most interesting evidence for the promotion of that change  will be your
own words and arguments that you have been lodging against MCB for oh about
the last ten years or so.
	The only question left is; is this going to be good for the blind
and persons with visual impairment community in our state?  This is a very
treacherous and mine field ridden question.  On one hand if it is business
as usual I think that it is going to be very bad for our community.  I feel
that the credibility is in the toilet bowl and the voice is horse, people
are sick of hearing the bitching and griping without any real answers that
call for bringing the community together.  On the other hand it could be
something that rises like a phoenix from the fires of destruction welding
our community together in a positive way.  Power is in solidarity not in
division.  Stop the juvenile antics and come to the table like professionals
with critically thought out questions and possible reasonable solutions,
ready to negotiate and give and take a little.  Sound a lot like what our
federal government should do as well. Lol

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It is my oppinion that none of us from iether organization of blind
comsumers advocates this shocking move by our estemed Governor.  I didn't
nor will ever vote for him.  That aside, to my knowledge, NFB never
advocated the abolishment of the Commission.  We constantly called for
reform in order to serv its clients, blind folks the way it waas meant to.
I am stunned that this is happening!  I am not really sorry about its
director being out of a job but otherwise, I think this is appalling!  How
can us blind folks fight for ourselves when our services will be devided
across the board?  If our Board of Commissioners is abolished, how can we
continue having a real say in how our tazx dollars get spent on blindness?
I also know many folks in the Commission who are decent folks and truely
want to better our lot.  Having dealt with DHS in a semiproffessional and
personal capacity, I truely don't have a clue how they plan to have access
to the services they are supposed to be providing.  And what of BEP?  For
all its faults, it has provided many blind folks iether with a means to make
a living or as a start to move up and really be able to contribute to the
tax pool.  Again, I want to make it clear that in my perception, us in NFB
never!! called for decentralization!!  I believe we will always fight
against coruption and abuse of the system whereever it occurs!  Dhis
decentralization is disastrous for all of us!  
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!
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