[nfbmi-talk] Decentralization of the Commission

Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Sun Feb 26 03:40:45 CST 2012

David, right on!  When will people get the message?  The time is now to
stop all these name-calling tactics and start to sit down, in Martin Luther
King Jr.'s immortal words, sit down together at the table of brotherhood. 
Thank you Fred.  The nation wants MCB to come together, not fall apart. 
Thank you, Mr. Harcz.  Mr. Smith has not apparently read Public Act 260. 
To me, the real clown is Governor Snyder.  It is extremely disingenuous,
ignorant, and inappropriate for putdowns of Mr. Smith's nature.  THEY GET
NOWHERE.  Real dialogue is needed.  Now.  Let's get busy!

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