[nfbmi-talk] Executive Orders

Fred Wurtzel f.wurtzel at att.net
Mon Feb 27 12:18:01 CST 2012

Here is the law regarding executive orders.


Organization of executive branch; assignment of functions; submission to

Subsequent to the initial allocation, the governor may make changes in the

of the executive branch or in the assignment of functions among its units
which he

considers necessary for efficient administration. Where these changes
require the

force of law, they shall be set forth in executive orders and submitted to
the legislature.

Thereafter the legislature shall have 60 calendar days of a regular session,
or a

full regular session if of shorter duration, to disapprove each executive

Unless disapproved in both houses by a resolution concurred in by a majority
of the

members elected to and serving in each house, each order shall become
effective at

a date thereafter to be designated by the governor.

History: Const. 1963, Art. V, §2, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964.



I think we have 57 days left to do something, or not.


Warmest Regards,



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