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Department Might Join Fight

> News Author : James Johnson Posted: February 27, 2012
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> Housing Discrimination, Mortgage Discrimination
>  Bank of America Charged With Housing Discrimination, Justice Department
> Might Join Fight
> The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development filed discrimination
> charges against Bank of America Corp. on Monday as the organization 
> claimed
> BofA discriminated against three disabled borrowers in Michigan and
> Wisconsin.
> According to federal agents the bank was in violation of the federal Fair
> Housing Act in both 2009 and 2010.
> The charge claims that Bank of America imposed "unnecessary and burdensome
> requirements" on borrowers who received income because of a disability. In
> some cases the bank wanted statements from doctors in order to receive
> loans, another provision forbidden by the FHA.
> Bank of America rather than apologizing issued a statement in which it 
> said
> Federal Housing Administraiton guidelines in all three cases were caused
> because of "inconsistencies" in laws that regulate housing discrimination.
> In the statement BofA claims:
> "There is no basis to allege that Bank of America has engaged in a 
> systemic
> practice of discriminating on the basis of disability in connection with
> mortgage lending."
> While HUD can levy sanctions up to $65,000 per violation the Justice
> Department which is also investigating the claims has the right to include
> civil penalties up to $100,000.
> Bank of America in the meantime provides no proof that laws in Michigan 
> and
> Wisconsin allow lenders to require doctor notes for disabled borrowers
> before loans are improved.
> Personally I find that simply requiring a person to provide a doctors note
> to obtain a loan when they have an obvious disability and receive 
> disability
> payments is discrimination.
> Do you think Bank of American discriminated against borrowers by asking 
> for
> information they don't require from non-disabled customers?
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