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Subject: Regulation Citation for Placement of An SLA

> Joe:
> Thank you for your phone call of earlier today.  Since I am 
> teleworking today, I am writing to you from my home email 
> address; ordinarily I would communicate with you from my 
> Education address.
> As promised, I'm writing to provide you with the cite in Federal 
> Randolph-Sheppard regulations that confirms that the SLA in any 
> state must be placed within the rehabilitation agency responsible 
> for providing services to eligible blind consumers.  
> Consequently, the Executive Order that proposes to separate the 
> Michigan BEP program from the rehabilitation agency responsible 
> for serving the blind of Michigan (in whatever form that 
> ultimately takes) will not be valid.  This principle is outlined 
> in 34 CFR 395.2.  As explained, RSA has already conveyed this 
> problem with the currently drafted Executive Order to relevant 
> authorities in Michigan, and I feel confident that they have 
> heard our concern.  I hope this proves responsive to your 
> inquiry.
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