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Following is a fact sheet pasted in.  Please do not print this to give out
since formatting will be incorrect, making the document look unprofessional.
.  Print and Braille copies will be available, tomorrow.  Please familiarize
yourself with these points.  Pleas ask for clarifications, since they are
purposely brief and meant to provoke questions.


Thank you.


warmest Regards,






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The Shocking Likely Results of Executive Order 2012-2 Eliminating the
Michigan Commission for the Blind


*  40 blind people out of work, plus 100 employees at $30,000 average equals
3 million dollars in lost wages


*	40 blind entrepreneurs and their 100 employees possibly declaring
bankruptcy, applying for food stamps, receiving Medicaid and other


*	14 million dollars of federal funds to rehabilitate blind people


*	2,500 blind clients of MCB ceasing to receive services including job
training, college assistance, Braille and cane travel training, and
independent living training


Executive Order 2012-2.  This order abolishes P.A. 260, the Commission for
the Blind Act and moves all services to blind persons to the Department of
Human Services, the welfare department.  


Blind people want work, not welfare.




No consultation with blind people, organizations of blind people or even the
staff of the agency for the blind.


Against federal law. 


Jeopardizes federal funds and threatens jobs of blind entrepreneurs in
Business Enterprise Program.




Disenfranchises blind people by eliminating direct input into the management
of rehabilitation programs for the blind, abolishing the Governor appointed
Commission for the Blind which has statutory authority to select the
Commission Director, evaluate the Director and set policy for services to
blind people.




Spokesperson: Fred Wurtzel, 517-485-0326, 517-256-5575; Email
f.wurtzel at att.net

Larry Posont, MCB Commissioner, President, NFB of Michigan 313-727-3546,
313-271-3058; Email president.nfb.mi at gmail.com

Lydia Schuck, MCB Commissioner, 517-676-4621; Email laschuck at juno.com 




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