[nfbmi-talk] Our unreachable govern-appointed Public Servants

Terry Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 05:10:17 UTC 2013

Hello Fellow Federationist,


Imagine wanting to contact your gobernor-appointed public servant, and you
are told the below statement.  It is not your imagination or an illusion.
It is reality.  So much for the Snyder administration's empty promises and
political chatter about transparency of government and a new way of doing
business with the citizenry.  Just more BS4BP!

Here is the true statement from the BS4BP:


In regards to your request for Advisory Board contact information, your
request is

denied.  This information under the FOIA, MCL 15.243, Section 13(1)(a) can
be exempted.

It is of a personal nature and public disclosure of the information would

a clearly unwarranted invasion of an individual's privacy.

If you have information that you would like to have forwarded to the
Commission for

Blind Persons Advisory Board, your correspondence can be directed to Sue

who is the liaison for BSBP with the Commission for the Blind Advisory
Board.  Her

contact information is as follows:

Sue Luzenski

Commission for the Blind Advisory Board Liaison

c/o Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

201 N. Washington Square, 2nd Floor

PO Box 30652

Lansing, MI  48909

Email:  Luzenskis at Michigan.gov

Telephone Number:  517-335-4265

WOW!  Unbelieveable!  Of what is the BS4BP afraid?  That blind persons might
want to contact their governor appointed officials, and express our disgust
at the BS4BP not serving the blind persons for which they have jobs?  This
is simply another sad and disgusteing way to censor and control honest open
dialogue between citizens and those whom are selected to serve the citizens.
History demonstrates that is the dictator's way, and the path to loss of all
freedoms of the people. 


Does anyone have an effective transparent way to contact the governor and
Lt. Governor to express our disgust for hiding behind the Freedom of
Information Act, so as to prevent direct contact with our appointed public


Here are our censored governor-appointed officials:




LeeAnn Buckingham

DeWitt, MI

  Appointed 10-10-12


Marianne Dunn

Grand Rapids, MI

  Appointed 10-10-12


Gary Gaynor

Livonia, MI

  Appointed 10-10-12


Michael Hudson

East Lansing, MI

  Appointed 10-10-12


Lylas Mogk

Grosse Pointe, MI

 Appointed 10-10-12


Josie Barnes Parker

Ann Arbor, MI

  Appointed 10-10-12


Joseph Sibley

Wyoming, MI

  Appointed 10-10-12


Perhaps individuals have direct contact information information, such as
e-mail address or telephone numbers for any of these governor-appointed
public servants, which can be gathered and widely published widely by we the


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