[nfbmi-talk] OT: iPhone Help

Jim in Detroit james.prather at comcast.net
Sun Feb 17 11:40:59 UTC 2013

I have my first iPhone and have a rude awakening.
    1.  I don’t hear the lock sound or keyboard clicks.  I have volumes up to 100%.
    2.  In a call, I don’t hear touch tones, making it difficult to follow prompts.
    I thought this would be a given.  Are there workarounds?  I’ve even done a reset of the phone to no avail.   Otherwise, tthe phone, which is a 4S, is okay thus far.  Thanks for suggestions.

Jim in Detroit
James A. Prather
Central Michigan University: 1980
Michigan School for the Blind: 1974
"Fire Up Chips"
"Ungh, ungowa, Raiders still Got the Power!"
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