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Any decision Rehab makes can be appealed.  You can ask to be put in 
contact with the Client Assistance Program in your state.


At 10:29 AM 2/22/2013, you wrote:
>I am having extreme difficulties with Julia Clark--of Gaylord Office 
>of Bureau of Blind Persons of Michigan--(I am registered with them) 
>but Julia Clark has suspended --Closed My File) because she will not 
>grant me the funding for a Land--(Wireless) Phone line out of my 
>funding)---Julia Clark also feels that I am too Old to go to 
>college--(Law School) --I am a Para-Legal and I have $44,700 
>allotted to me from present thru 2017 but Julia Clark is not 
>releasing these funds for me to use----(I am a friend of Georgia 
>Kitchen) ----Respectively Yours---James Schmidt---8101 Davis 
>Street---Central Lake---Michigan  49622     today is feb 22  a.m.
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>February 19, 2013
>dear Michigan Federationists:
>      What was being done by the Commission for the Blind or by the
>former Board that is not being done by the Bureau of Services for
>Blind Persons? I can think of two things. Financial reports had been
>sent to the Board on a quarterly basis. We got the Reports to come
>every month for three months. Now, they are not made available to
>anyone at all. They are not even made available to the Advisory Board.
>Also, I was formerly sent job listings within the Agency so that I
>could distribute them in hopes of getting blind individuals hired.
>This has not happened since the Commission became the Bureau. Once
>again, please send your ideas to the list and they will be collated.
>Larry Posont
>National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
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