[nfbmi-talk] text books in digital

jeffc4 at lavabit.com jeffc4 at lavabit.com
Wed Feb 27 00:57:52 UTC 2013

Dear Federationists,

I am having a major problem. I feel that for me to get the most out of my
education, i need all of my textbooks in digital format. I am pretty sure
that my school district is to poor to make them digital for me. I know
that i could complete my assignments much faster and turn them in, in a
timely manner. I am getting fustrated because for me right now, braille is
to slow for me trying to keep up in a genral ed class. If anyone could
give me some tips in what to do or how to approch my school about this. My
IEP is coming up sometime in the next month and 14 days.

Jeff Crouch

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