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>I wonder if Rep. John Walsh would be so positive if he had any idea how 
> State and Federal money is being spent on this insanity now and how much
> more will be spent when BEP operators will turn to both governments for
> support after they've been tossed from their Facilities?
> I've said it before: the problem with the BEP has more to do with the 
> incompetent management it has received in recent years than with the blind
> operators who run the facilities.  Unfortunately for all of us, Ed Rodgers 
> and the Bureau are protecting and supporting that management team, while 
> keeping everyone else in the dark about almost everything.
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> Subject: [nfbmi-talk] Where is NFB'S red line?
> Tim Horton's May Set Up Shop Inside State Capitol
> Posted:  Sep 04, 2013 4:49 PM EDT<em class="wnDate">Wednesday, September 
> 4,
> 2013 4:49 PM EST</em>Updated:  Sep 04, 2013 5:52 PM EDT<em
> class="wnDate">Wednesday, September 4, 2013 5:52 PM EST</em>
> LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - For the first time in State Capitol history, a
> commercial business may be allowed inside the building to provide food to
> Capitol occupants.
> Room 54, on the bottom of the state Capitol, used to be the House press
> room, but soon the name of 'Tim Horton' will be on the walls. Those walls
> will be taken out and in the room, seats will be set up for school kids,
> lobbyists and lawmakers to purchase some coffee and donuts, but the move 
> is
> creating some controversy.
> "What's next? Are we going to be called the Chick-fil-A Capitol?" asks
> Senator Gretchen Whitmer.
> The Tim Horton Company has been dealing with the commission for the blind,
> which has exclusive rights to sell food in state buildings. If the deal is
> consummated, not only will the company come into Room 54, but it would 
> take
> over the restaurant area in the House office building
> Right across the street from this coffee shop, which raises some 
> questions.
> "We've always been opposed to unfair competition or government competition
> with the private sector," said Rob Fowler, the CEO of the Small Business
> Association. "The more we know, the more it looks like that is going on."
> The governor's office is concerned about this proposed contract, given its
> desire to promote Michigan businesses and Tim Horton's is Canadian owned.
> "We're really trying to promote Michigan and in the Michigan Capitol and
> Michigan taxpayers paying for this. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense 
> to
> me," said Whitmer.
> But Rep. John Walsh says he's excited by the possibility. "Iwould love a
> U.S. firm to have every opportunity, but the Canadian firm is an
> international business that operates throughout our country. It hires U.S.
> citizens, provides services we care about. I'm not nervous about that," 
> said
> Walsh.
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