[nfbmi-talk] from sept 22 2012 eoc minutes

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Wed Sep 25 18:25:40 UTC 2013

So they were then and are now continuing to violate the A.G.'s advise....Goes to illegality of the BAD P along with obvious conflicts of interests with essenberg to the present....

A: Update on State Plate and discussion of the BSBP Director by Constance Zanger and the Committee: Constance Zanger indicated that informal advice was given to staff by the attorney general to put the facility back on the bid line. She provided information on people who have bid and the business cycle. Management staff was advised that the BEP is looking for a qualified licensee to manage the cafeteria. Discussion took place regarding an outside entity for the facility. Information was also provided on food service experience and why temporary operators cannot bid on the location. Rob Essenberg provided information on the Ad-Hoc's recommendations for running facilities. There was discussion on a catering plan in order to show the director positive aspects of the 

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