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Rodgers stated several times yesterday that he was working directly with the DTMB Deputy Chief on all the Anderson Building, etc. stuff....But wait a minute I though RSA stated unequivacably that the SLA could not be run by a non-VR entity, or rather the BEP program could not be so. Isn't the BADP and the running of a priority consession at Anderson just an end run around those principles and on its face a violation of PA 260?

Phillip Jeffery

Phillip Jeffery Chief Deputy Director

Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget


Phillip Jeffery is the Chief Deputy Director for the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB), an agency of nearly 2,500 employees

that provides a full range of information technology, business and administrative services to Michigan's citizens, businesses, state agencies, state employees

and retirees.


Prior to this current role, Mr. Jeffery served as the Deputy Director of Strategy with Governor Rick Snyder's administration where  he supported the Governor's

vision and focus on performance management and accountability for the State of Michigan.  This focus resulted in the development and launch of the




dashboard websites as well as the development of agency scorecards.  In addition, he played an integral role in the Governor's special messages on

community development and local government reforms


reinventing Michigan's education system.


Mr. Jeffery came to Michigan from the State of Utah, where he served as the Deputy Director in the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget.  In that capacity

he directed the Budget and Policy section and participated as a partner in implementing the statewide balanced scorecard initiative, integrating performance

metrics into the Utah budget process.  He also played an active role in operations that earned Utah the recognition as "the best managed state in the nation"

by Governing Magazine.


Mr. Jeffery holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Economics from the University of Utah.  He and his wife, Bethany, have four children.

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