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Somebody on another list just posted the following review of an exciting 
new product called the Tefal Opti-Grill that is apparently very 
blind-friendly and has built-in electronic sensors that monitor the cooking 
progress and beeps to alert you when your food has been   cooked rare, 
medium or well-done so that you can easily determine when it's ready.  This 
sounds like a good alternavive to the George Foreman grill that is popular 
with many blind consumers.  I can't comment on this new grill myself because 
I do not own one.  I am just passing on this information for the benefit of 
anyone else who might be interested:

Hi, So sorry to post about this here but I didn't know where else to
let people know about this amazing new product.  I would seriously
describe it as life changing but as I don't know anyone else with
eyesight problems I thought I'd let you all know and you can spread
the word round the community.

The product is called Tefal Opti-grill and its one of those george
forman style grills except it has some brains.

It has a sensor which can tell how thick your food is and another
which senses temperature, there are 6 buttons for different foods,
Bugers, Chicken, Sandwiches, Pork (sausages/bacon), Red meat (Steak
etc) and Fish.  It also has a manual button and a frozen button.

All you do is switch it on, press the frozen button if your food is
frozen, not if not, press the button which relates to the food stuff
you are cooking then press OK.  It pre heats then beeps to tell you to
put your food on, then it measures the thickness of the food and
starts cooking it.  When the food is rear it beeps, then when it is
medium, another beep then well done and it beeps again.

There is a window which displays a colour code telling you how done
your food is which all the iPhone colour identifiers will correctly
notify you which colour is showing, i.e. Blue for pre heat, yellow for
rear, Orange for medium and red, well done but as I said the beeps are
there if you couldn't use a phone to identify the colours.

If anyone does buy this product which I can't recommend enough the
buttons run from left to right.
Manual/no automation/sensors

So if you wanted to do a frozen sausage, you hit On then frozen then
sausage then OK, then wait for the first beep to tell you pre heating
is done, then wait 1 beep for rear, 2 for medium and 3 for well done.

As a bonus, its an amazing grill and on the 4 occasions I have used it
in the last week the food has been perfect.  Literally perfect.  Even
has grill lines which look like it is restaurant cooked.

It isn't cheap at £139 or I think $199 but honestly it is worth double
the price for what it does.

A couple of other bits about it, each button you press lights up red
which again the colour identifiers will show you so you know if you
have hit the frozen button for example.  It has a drip tray which
catches all the nasty fat and stuff which slides in the front and the
grill plates release really easily with a button on the left hand
side, one for the top and one for the bottom then you can just wash
them or throw them in the dishwasher.  Really important is never to
use metal utensils on it, use only plastic or silicon as if you
scratch the plates you would need to replace them.

Again sorry this is so off topic but I thought it was so exciting for
blind/VI people like myself.  As I don't know anyone in that community
I thought I'd let you all know.


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