[nfbmi-talk] FW: Efros Vending Route

Terry D. Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 23:49:55 UTC 2014

And then there are the blind persons that desire to work, like Mark Eagle
and Terry Eagle, who are denied employment by Zanger, Hull, Pemble, Rodgers,
Essenberg, Chaney, and Keathlie simply because they are affiliated with NFB,
and  they are not family, friends, lovers, former employees,lovers, and of
course not sighted.  And where is the EOC?  In bed or silenced by pay-offs.

From: Garsvend at aol.com [mailto:Garsvend at aol.com] 
To: zangerc at michigan.gov; rodgerse at michigan.gov

Director Rodgers,
     I again was stunned to find out that the agency is
going to give the Ron Efros route to a private vendor. For what
purpose?  Has the agency no faith in it's own operators? When the
agency gave the Port Huron route to All Star vending, nothing was
really gained except a private vending company was allowed to rape our
program. I suspect that Mr. Hull made this sweetheart deal out in Vegas
with this private national company. This outfit is going to sublet to
a local vending operation and all 3 are going to take a cut of the
profits. The national company, the local vending company and our
set-a-side. A blind operator is being denied the right to have upward
mobility because some ego starved person thinks he has a brilliant
idea. I beg you to please put this route on the bid line and let our
promotion system do it's thing. If no one accepts this route then
maybe this could be considered. Have faith in our operators that this
agency trained. The idea that the agency wants to know the sales or
there is a concern about the sales is nonsense. Any location on the
bid line is subject to that kind of thinking. We all know it is what a
person makes of an opportunity and we all suspect the Efros numbers
are not accurate. So what! Take a good look at some of the duds  that
are currently on the bid line. This Efros route has way more potential
and the agency is giving it away. I'm sorry but it is a stupid idea !
 I also want to point out operators in our program that have vending
machines on full service. Some have over 50% of their machines in full
service status. This is the kind of stuff that really hurts our
program. Maybe Mr. Hull could expel some of his energy and fix this
problem. The program loses big revenue when operators are allowed to
sit back and collect a percentage because they do not want to work.

Garnet Prentice

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