[nfbmi-talk] enemies?

Mark Eagle markaeagle at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 17:17:27 UTC 2014

I strongly disagree. The behind the scene attacks and discussion of expelling members is very inappropriate.  There are leaders in this affiliate and the national that would like to see specific members be expelled, instead of dealing with the underlying issues. There are favorites in this affiliate just like there have been favorites at MCB and now favorites at BSBP.

I personally have been yelled at, sworn at and even hung up on. Yet, the same members that engage in this behavior haven't contributed to this organization in a positive way. 

There are members that are out for themselves and will step over anyone to get what they want. I can think of couple of members that have used this organization and it members for personal profit. There are truly "evil" people in this affiliate that have called members so called "friends" and hurt them dearly.


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Hello listfriends, 
I want to weigh in and say that I consider no one on this list an enemy, so I don't really know who the "enemies" are.  I bet most of the NFB members feel as I do.  There are no enemies in this group. Let's give each other a little grace.

Lydia Schuck

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