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Thanks for posting this.  Here is a good example of how persistence pays
off.  We have been working on the Space Available legislation for a couple
years with hundreds of us visiting our congressional delegations in the
winter and Lauren and others in Washington often.  Now, we are on the brink
of success.  With a push from our members, it will be done.  

Likewise, here in Michigan, we have a great potential issue with the
revision of the Dog Guide legislation. We have the possibility to have a
positive outcome and make some friends.  This is a fairly straight-forward
matter.  Once we have made some friends in Lansing, it will be easier to
take on more difficult topics.  We have already laid the groundwork by
passing a resolution calling for action.  Now, what is needed is to draft
some language and find a sponsor.  We have done this many times, before.
The Dog Guide Division, along with the Legislative committee are the natural
actors on this project.  

So, I join with J.J. and encourage everyone to call in on the Space
Available  bill.  I also hope we can make a plan for building a momentum in
the state legislature.  We have a 2 year window beginning in January.  If we
think about what we may be able to accomplish in that timeframe, and then do
it, we will be amazed on what can be done.

Thanks, again, J.J.

Warmest Regards,


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Below is a call to action forwarded from

*Lauren McLarney regarding the Space Available bill. With Senator Levin's
direct relationship to this bill, we have a chance to make a meaningful
difference. Please read and make the necessary phone calls on Monday.

We're so close to a victory on this issue, and if we don't act now, we may
have to start all over again.

Best regards,

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Happy Friday, Federationists!

I have an important update on the Space Available bill.  As you know, it 
successfully passed in the House as part of the National Defense 
Authorization Act (NDAA), and we have been waiting for the Senate 
version of NDAA to move so we could amend it into that as well.  
However, we have run into the same problem as last year: the Senate has 
done NDAA almost exclusively behind closed doors and is unlikely to 
allow floor amendments!  Worse, we heard there is controversy over parts 
of NDAA that is jeopardizing if it will even pass at all!  This is our 
chance to pass Space A - S. 346 has 19 cosponsors and no opposition, it 
passed in the House, and NDAA is the perfect vehicle for it - let's 
mobilize and get this thing done.

We need everyone to do two things. 1) Call Senator Tester's office 
(202-224-2644) or email his staffers (dylan_laslovich at tester.senate.gov 
and Jorge_Rueda at hsgac.senate.gov) and urge them to file Space Available 
as an amendment to NDAA. If amendments are allowed, Space A needs to be 
in line for consideration! 2) Please call Senator Levin's committee 
office (202) 224-3871) or email his staffer 
(jonathan_clark at armed-services.senate.gov) to urge them to include Space 
Available in NDAA.

We can't allow Space Available to sit on the shelf for yet another year, 
collecting dust and cosponsors, while the right vehicle to move it keeps 
circling the block and refusing to pick up amendments. That would mean a 
procedural problem stopped this bill, rather than any real problem with 
the actual bill itself. Please speak up on behalf of blind veterans and 
help us get Space Available in NDAA!

*Lauren McLarney*

Manager of Government Affairs

National Federation of the Blind

200 East Wells Street

Baltimore, MD 21230

410.659.9314 ext. 2207

/The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the 
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the 
expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles 
between blind people and our dreams. You can *live the life you want*; 
blindness is not what holds you back. ///

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