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Good thing Ed Rodgers isn't Pope. If he was this lady never would get this

Blind lector to serve at Pope Francis' Quirino Grandstand mass

December 16, 2014 9:04pm


Despite being blind, Ma. Divina Zambales, or Divine, has been an active
member of her local church, where she serves as lector.

In January, she will be given the chance to help lead the congregation in
prayer, in a mass of a lifetime, one presided by no less than Pope Francis.

According to a report on 24 Oras on Tuesday, Zambales has been tapped as
lector to be held on the afternoon of January 18 at the Quirino Grandstand.

Officials of the papal visit organizing committee said

they expect the crowd at the said mass to surpass the six-million-people

that gathered there during the visit in 1995 of Pope John Paul II, who's now
a saint.

Divine, who lost her eyesight as a child due to a brain tumor, said she felt
blessed" with the opportunity to be a lector at the mass, and get close to

Pope Francis.

"Masaya ako kasi sa dinami-rami... ma-feel mo na blessed na blessed ka
talaga," she said.

Aside from Zambales, Ronald Yambao, who is deaf-mute, has also been invited
to meet the Pope.

In sign language read by an interpreter, Yambao said he wants his family "to
be blessed by the Pope," adding that he wishes to thank the pontiff "for

the Philippines.

Persons with disabilities

are among those chosen by the Pope to meet him during his visit.

Their impact on the Filipino family is also one of the three aspects that
will be discussed before the Pope during the meeting of families at the SM

of Asia Arena on January 16.

In an interview with GMA News, Fr. Nonnette Legaspi, minister for persons
with disabilities at the Diocese of Novaliches, Pope Francis brings a wave

hope for people like Zambales and Yambao.

"Maramdaman nila na they belong to the church, na they are not just
recipients of healthcare services," he said. -

Rose-An Jessica Dioquino/

NB, GMA News


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