[nfbmi-talk] Merry Christmas

Georgia Kitchen gkitchen at samobile.net
Thu Dec 25 06:28:01 UTC 2014

Hi  All,

Hope everyone is well. Have a Blessed cChristmas and  Holiday!! This is 
the time of year that helps us look forward. Yes,  the  holidays can be 
a challlenge for folks who have lost loved ones, who have other issues. 
Things are going well with us and hope this holiday will give yu time 
to reflect and relax.

Pauline and others--do you know about the
product called Samnet from Serotek.com??

It is sort of a  luxry I have given myself but it does come in handy 
and i hope to use it more so I can help friends of mine.
My step son is blind, totally blind since late February. he has the 
program. i think he likes the chat room. He goes on there to get help 
with his iphone. There is all sorts of information, tv, movies, news, 
podcasts etc. I wanted to mention it while I was thinking about it. 
Hope that is ok.
Take Care.

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