[nfbmi-talk] Hmmmmm, will this work to get hired by the State of Michigan?FW: blind man gets job

Terry D. Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 28 20:57:55 UTC 2014

Blind man in Mesa lands job after holding sign on street - 
ABC15 Arizona

Sebastian Ibanez of Mesa was born blind, but he has never let that stand in
his way.
We first met him in November after he was holding a sign on a street corner,
asking for help finding a job.

Just in time for Christmas, his dreams are coming true.  Sandra Torres
manages a branch of Tax Time in Mesa and as soon as January hits, she knows
her life will be a flurry of  W2s and 1098s.
But through the clouds, she sees a glimmer of sunshine.  "And I know we can
make it with Sebastian. I know," Torres said.

"I do believe that they are a lot of people who get confused with vision and
sight," explains Sebastian Ibanez. "I do believe sight allows you to see
in front of you, but vision allows you to see what's in your future."

The full-time ASU student spent hours each day holding up a sign, not asking
for money, but asking to get to work. He wanted a job.

Fast forward a month and he now has that job he was looking for, doing
marketing for Tax Time.  Torres saw our story and remembered Ibanez as an
adventurous classmate of her daughter's.  She recalls one time Sebastian
wanted to swim.
"I was so scared about it. He was just getting to the top and he jumped and
he swam better than I do," Torres exclaimed. "That day, I knew Sebastian was
going to be somebody great for our community."

Even though others questioned how well he would work out, Torres has no
doubts about her newest hire.  "He has great vision, he has great vision,"
she said.  Ibanez may not be able to tell you what color he's wearing and he
may not recognize the faces of his own kids. But one thing he's never lost
sight of are
his dreams.

"There are those who try, those who die trying, and those who never try. I
like to be the one who tries and succeeds," Ibanez said.

He will graduate from ASU next December and says he's already coming up with
new ways to market his company and that he can't wait for tax season to


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