[nfbmi-talk] dining in dark franchise opportunity

Terry D. Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 23:39:23 UTC 2014

This is AWESOME!  Even more JOBS for BLIND persons in Michigan.
Unfortunately, it likely will end up like all other JOB opportunities--a
SNOW JOB for BLIND persons from BS4BP!



Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

joeharcz at comcast.net


Edward F Rodgers II, BSBP LARA



Dear Mr. Rodgers


I point your attention to the franchise opportunity after my     signature
line. I know how you love to get blind people opportunities and here is one.
Moreover, it would have the added benefit of franchising with a foreign
company and would be an ideal opportunity for Cora’s café and hungry
legislators and governmental sorts to dine in the dark.  Since our state
government governs in the dark I think it would be totally appropriate for
them to dine in the dark.


Anyway, this is something everyone can sink their teeth in to and perhaps it
would be another vacation opportunity at the taxpayer’s expense to visit
Ontario once again for Rob essenberg.


I’ll alert Tim Skubic about this in advance.


Say, by the way,  have those “bugs been worked out” at Cora’s café?


Happy New Year,




Cc: media













O.NOIR Toronto brings its senses to people


Dining in the Dark - O.Noir Restaurant - TorontoSince the opening of
Canada’s only “Dine in the Dark” restaurant under the name of O.NOIR in
Montreal (in

2006) and Toronto (in 2009), O.NOIR has constantly brought this
extraordinary culinary adventure to guests from near and far. Already the
rage in Europe,

Australia, Los Angeles, New York, O.NOIR Toronto invites Torontonians and
all guests to experience food, drinks and conversations like never before –

their sight!


“It’s a sensual dining experience like no other!” 
 “When you eat food in
the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste

food. Even simple, everyday dishes like potatoes and yogurt take on a
culinary flare”, said O.NOIR founder and former owner Moe Alameddine and

by many guests.


But O.NOIR does more than just firing the imagination and stimulating the
senses. After an hour or two in complete darkness (that’s right, no

matches, cell phones, cigarette lighters or luminous watches), customers
gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be blind – just like the

entire wait staff.


This socially conscious concept sprang from Jorge Spielmann, a blind pastor
in Zurich who used to blindfold his dinner guests at his home so they could

share his eating experience. In 1999, Spielmann opened Blindekuh (German for
Blind Cow), a project aimed at teaching the sighted about the sightless

and providing jobs for blind people. When O.Noir Toronto, the largest
restaurant of this kind in the world, opened its door to serve the public in

of 2009, it instantaneously became the biggest gimmick for the food service
sector in Toronto region and beyond due to this social cause and unique



Good cause or not, O.NOIR offers everything you’d expect from a fine
restaurant: Great service, a delicious menu
 plus, a culinary experience
like no other!


In 2011, O.NOIR Toronto was fully transferred to new ownership and a new
management team, and has been in the process of further building its future,

its unique and special presence differing from any other restaurants and for
its long lasting beyond our time. This vision is advocated by current owner

Dr. J. R. Feng, an award-winning scientist known for his work in polymer
chemistry and engineering during day-time and an entrepreneur who devotes

night and weekend time to grow both values and wisdom with surrounding
people. With the increasing number of guests coming to the restaurant to

this fun, romantic, and unique dining experience, and the dedication and
hard work of the managing team and the entire service staff including about

professional blind servers at O.Noir Toronto, Feng feels fully optimistic
about this vision and its evolution.


Recognized as one of the most unique restaurants

in Toronto and Canada O.NOIR Toronto brings its senses to people. 


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