[nfbmi-talk] bad p accomplishments

joe harcz Comcast joeharcz at comcast.net
Thu Feb 13 11:26:20 UTC 2014

Business Assistance and Development Program (BADP)

The BADP was created and began operations in August 2013. During FY13, with the assistance of the Consumer Services Division, the State Capital Café, was remodeled and is in the process of being prepared to be put on the BEP bid line.  

BADP staff is also assisting in evaluating and writing new rules for the BEP program. When the new draft rules are completed, the BADP and BEP will work with the Elected Operator’s Committee (EOC) in promulgating the new rule set.  

The BADP division participated in the state National Federation for the Blind - Michigan (NFB-M) convention, as well as the Michigan Restaurant Association’s food show. In the future, BADP will be working with the private sector as the Division’s assistance and development program evolves.  

The staff of the Division has become involved in applications and case reviews for small business assistance. The BADP in the future will be partnering with the CSD in expanding private sector business opportunities for BSBP’s clients. 

The BADP is involved in an eventual remodeling of a BEP facility in the Anderson legislative building. The Division has been successful in securing the sale of dairy products from the Michigan State (MSU) dairy.

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