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Mr. Harcz, on behalf of Director Arwood I am responding to your January 31 e-mail concerning LARA annual program reports.  I do apologize for the delay in getting an answer to you about our current reports.  The annual reports you reference on our department's website have not been updated since 2011 because they have been replaced by the departmental Scorecard, an updated reporting system instituted by Governor Snyder.  All state departments use the Scorecard reporting system.  LARA's department scorecard can be found on our homepage at www.michigan.gov/lara.  There is a link on the right hand side of the page that will take you to our Scorecard page.  For your convenience, the direct link to LARA's scorecard is:




A link is similarly positioned on the website for the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons.  The direct link to the BSBP Scorecard is:




I have been advised that the scorecards are published in an accessible format.




Michael Zimmer

Chief Deputy Director


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January 31 2014 Arwood Program Reports LARA


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

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Mt. Morris, MI 48458


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Steve Arwood, Director, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

(Via  e-mail


Dear Sir,


I just went to LARA's web site to look up annual program reports at:




Note there is nothing there since FY 2011.


Is there another link that would be accessable to me as a blind citizen to get updated information including that on Bureau for Blind Persons?


I ask this in the interest of transparency about the operations and performance of the agency you have been running.


I thank you in advance for your promt and accessible response.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.



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